Roll the Bones Songs Ranked

Roll the Bones is the fourteenth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released September 3, 1991 on Anthem Records. The band began working on Roll the Bones after a brief creative hiatus following the tour promoting their previous release, Presto. Roll the Bones was a return to commercial success for the band, reaching No. 3 in the United States, No. 10 in the UK, and No. 11 in Canada. The album won a Juno Award for Best Album Design at the 1992 awards. In August 2001, the album was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for selling one million copies in the US. It was remastered in 2004 and again in 2013 as part of The Studio Albums 1989–2007 box set. In 2015 it was reissued after being remastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios following a direct approach by Rush to remaster their entire back catalogue. Here are all of Roll the Bones songs ranked.

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10. You Bet Your Life

“Generic rocker with an interesting lyrical section after the second chorus. This song is yet another number about taking chances. Good guitar playing and vocals.”

9. Heresy

“The most underrated song on here. WHY FANS DON’T LIKE THIS ONE IS BEYOND ME. It starts out with a military drum sequence and flows into a melodic ambient number composed of background keys and a catchy guitar melody. Geddy pointed out in an interview that this song is about people having gone through a desperate struggle for many years, people losing lives, and finally realizing that they are now free. Despite what people say, Heresy is a great song”

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8. The Big Wheel

“Optimistic mid-paced rocker about the trade off between innocence and experience. Good guitar structure, and nice synths to go along with it, but compared to other tracks, this one doesn’t do much to stand out.”

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7. Bravado

“An effective emotional slow-tempo track about people who set out to do what has to be done with confidence, no matter what the consequences or prices are that they have to pay. Probably one of the most melodic songs Rush had ever written up to that point.”

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6. Neurotica

“Fantastic Typical Rush song with groovy bass line and Marvelous Chorus that will not leave your head for long long time.Gives back the power to this album after a bit boring “Heresy” and gentler “Ghost of a chance”..this is another song aobut mind troubles and a man lost in his imagination… “it’s just psychotica, neurotica…” what can i say more,awesome solo…Phenomenal song, turn it up loud!!!”

5. Face Up

“A short, but fast rocker similar to Dreamline. This track is about getting back on your feet after being shot down, or something like that. Memorable line: “I’m in a groove now, or is it a rut? I need some feedback, but all the lines are cut.”

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4. Ghost of a Chance

“Another winner. Neil finds a way to write about finding love without making it sound cliche to other love songs. It starts out as a generic song, but changes into a very melodic sub-chorus and chorus, which holds it all together very well.”

3. Roll the Bones

“A very controversial title track among fans because of the “rap” section later on in the song. To clear it up a bit, the rap section wasn’t put in there to make Rush sound like they’re selling out to the mainstream, but rather as a satirical way for Neil to make fun of the music that’s currently beating them on the charts. And even then, he managed to make it sound good, and not cheesy. The rest of the song is also done well, once again about taking chances in the world.”

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2. Where’s My Thing?

“Very impressive, being this is the first instrumental they’ve done in a decade. Has a nice groovy bass-line coupled with great drumming and synths.”

1. Dreamline

“PHENOMENAL OPENING NUMBER. This song is about setting out on the road to pursue the dreams of youth, and that the only way to be happy is to be heading somewhere. Great vocals and guitar solo.”