Roxy Music Albums Ranked

Roxy Music was an English rock band that was formed in 1970 by Bryan Ferry—who became the band’s lead singer and main songwriter—and bass guitarist Graham Simpson. Alongside Ferry, the other longtime members were Phil Manzanera (guitar), Andy Mackay (saxophone and oboe), and Paul Thompson (drums and percussion). Other members included Brian Eno (synthesizer and ‘treatments’), Eddie Jobson (synthesizer and violin), and John Gustafson (bass). Although the band took a break from group activities in 1976 and again in 1983, they reunited for a concert tour in 2001 and toured together intermittently over the next few years. Ferry frequently enlisted band members as session musicians for his solo releases. Here are all of Roxy Music albums ranked.

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10. Viva! Roxy Music (1976)

“Roxy Music was always a constant in the music I liked with first the singles like “Virginia Plain” and “Love is the Drug” and later the more intricate songs of the albums of which “Viva!” features a few of the most beautiful like “Both Ends Burning” and “In Every Dreamhome A Heartache”.

9. Greatest Hits (1977)

“What qualifies as a “greatest hit” from these fellows? There are so many wonderful songs. I can’t get enough of the Rocky Music classics, though. Others may cite differences in the quality of the reproductions in the various released recordings, but this one sounds great on my humble system. I sort of, at different listenings, enjoy the reverse chronological order of the songs on this CD. Sort of.”

8. Manifesto (1979)

“If you only like early Roxy (Siren and before) then chances are you will slay this record. If you like Roxy of the ’80s (Flesh+Blood, Avalon) then you will likely enjoy this one too. If like me, you enjoy all the evolution of Roxy Music (and as individuals, Eno, Ferry, Manzanera) then you will realize this is also a great, fun, listenable album (well produced and engineered). Many songs danceable, some great solos and sound blends, bass hooks, and typical Ferry angst vocals. Perhaps overlooked a lot, only as the Roxy Music albums are all so strong.”

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7. Flesh And Blood (1980)

“That’s how modern people felt in 1980. Their music and the music of Grace Jones, Visage, and Blondie were the soundtracks. Roxy Music opened the space for the great artificial and passionate pop music to come in the next years. That surely was avant-garde in the truest sense of the word. But they crash on Eight miles high, but do better than anyone who tried, from the Live Hippie Rock Byrds themselves to Hüsker Dü.”

6. Siren (1975)

“Discounting, Avalon, I would say this is the last great Roxy Music album. After this, they would slip into that slightly safe and dull white soul sound, something that would have been unthinkable up to now. Anyway, the siren is superb. Love is the drug, both ends burning, and, just another high, are all standouts, but there are no weak tracks here. Excellent.”

5. Stranded (1973)

“The first Roxy Music album after the departure of Brian Eno. Stranded, is an excellent record, it still retains that art-rock sound, although, in truth, it doesn’t quite have that quirky edge that the first two Roxy LP’s did. Still, there sure some superb tracks. Streetlife is a brilliant opener, and, amazon, and, a song for Europe, are also highlights. There are no weak moments here, and there were still another two excellent Roxy albums to come(three if you count, Avalon). Wonderful.”

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4. Country Life (1974)

“One of my favorite Roxy Music albums, country life is a lot more than that excellent record sleeve. The thrill of it all is a brilliant opener, and the LP never lets up with superb tracks such as all I want is you, bittersweet, and, prairie rose, all being highlights. Another classic Roxy album.”

3. Roxy Music (1972)

“My second favorite album from Roxy Music (after Avalon) is surprisingly sophisticated for a debut album, mixing in inventive music but not in an immature sense. If anything it’s just a bit overindulgent at times, but overall this captures very well the bewildering lives of the rich and famous jet-set, with just enough humor and tragedy sprinkled in.”

2. Avalon (1982)

“Perfect blend of guitars, synths and sound mixed to perfection. This album brings back so many memories it amazes me every time I put it on. People, places, what I was doing. It does not surprise me that the band recorded this in The Bahamas. The sound and the feel of the album seems to transport you to another place. It is an essential piece that should be in everyone music collection.”

1. For Your Pleasure (1973)

“For your pleasure, is another quirky masterpiece from Roxy Music. This would be the last record the band would make with Brian Eno which is a shame because it would have been interesting to see where it went, but as Bryan Ferry said, there’s only room for one non-musician in this band. Do the strand, kicks proceedings off in superb fashion, another odd little rock-a-roller. Elsewhere, the blow-up doll fetish of, in every dream home a heartache, is a highlight, as is the funky groove of, the bogus man”