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Ryan S. Lewis (born 25 March 1988) is an American record producer, DJ, videographer, photographer, graphic designer, music video director, rapper, and songwriter. Along with producing his own album, Instrumentals, Lewis produced the albums The VS. EP (2009), The Heist (2012), and This Unruly Mess I’ve Made (2016) as part of the duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. In 2006, Lewis befriended rapper Macklemore on Myspace and soon after became the behind-the-scenes partner of a successful duo, producing, recording, engineering, and mixing all of the duo’s music, as well as directing the music videos for “Same Love”, “Thrift Shop”, “And We Danced”, “Otherside (Remix)”, “Can’t Hold Us”, “Irish Celebration”, “My Oh My”, “Victory Lap”, “Downtown”, “Brad Pitt’s Cousin” and “White Walls” and designing promotional graphics. Here are all of Ryan Lewis’ songs ranked.

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4. My Oh My (4 The Love of Music, 2010)

“I love how he express his feelings and ideas through the music. He’s not singing something that he doesn’t mean, he means what he sing.”

3. Can’t Hold Us (The Heist, 2012)

“A really good pop single. I’m gonna be honest, the “na-na-na-na-na-na’s” near the end and Ray Dalton’s very smooth singing are the main reason I like the song. Macklemore is not the highlight of this song.”

The Heist - Album by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | Spotify

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2. Same Love (The Heist, 2012)

“This song is beautiful. Its a perfect way to support the LGBTQ+ community. This is what creates strides toward equality, not cancelling, not arguing over each other, and DEFINITELY not violence. This is how you support someone or something, and this song is perfectly crafted.”

1. Thrift Shop (The Heist, 2012)

“”Thrift Shop” ranks among the best novelty songs to ever top the charts. The song became a hit largely on the strength of having a lead bass vocalist, a genuine rarity on the pop charts in any era. Additionally compelling is the song’s theme: an admonition of name branded clothing, instead placing value in buying cheaper clothing from thrift shops.”