Sabaton Albums Ranked

Sabaton is a Swedish heavy metal band from Falun, Sweden. Most of their songs are written about heroism in war. Their latest album, The Great War, hit number 1 among music charts in Sweden and Germany. Sabaton was formed in December 1999. After the first songs were recorded in Peter Tägtgren’s studio, The Abyss, Sabaton was contacted by a couple of record labels. The band signed with the Italian label Underground Symphony, which then released, internationally, the promo CD Fist for Fight. The disc, distilled from two demo tapes recorded between 1999 and 2000, was intended to promote forthcoming Sabaton releases. In 2002, a new album, Metalizer was recorded and was supposed to be distributed by Underground Symphony as the band’s debut album. After two years of waiting, during which the band held various performances across Sweden, the album was abandoned. Here are all of Sabaton’s albums ranked.

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10. Heroes On Tour (2016)

SABATON | Heroes on tour - Nuclear Blast

“If you have never seen Sabaton live then you are really missing out. The energy and passion that makes Sabaton a great band really comes out in this live recording from the Wacken Festival in 2015. The recording is really well done and sounds great. There are quite a few songs from the Heroes album with a healthy dose of songs from previous albums. If you are a Sabaton fan then you owe it to yourself to buy this album, you won’t regret it.”

9. Metalizer (2007)

SABATON | Metalizer RE-ARMED - Nuclear Blast

“You have to wonder why Sabaton would release this album. It was actually recorded as their debut studio album in 2002, but the band’s first record company, Underground Symphony, withheld the recordings for several years before releasing the rights to the band’s new label Black Lodge Records. If I was Sabaton I would have just released it as a demos compilation instead of an official studio album because it really sounded nothing like their other two albums that had been released.”

8. Primo Victoria (2005)

Primo victoria | Sabaton CD | EMP

“Musically, the song structure is somewhat similar from song to song, which can be a turn off to most fans. What you get is a constant power metal rhythm guitar riff with accompanied drums, then with some screaming guitar solos thrown in after the second verse, but the whole thing comes together fairly well. Even though similar, each song has its own charm.”

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7. The Last Stand (2016)

The Last Stand (Sabaton album) - Wikipedia

“This album may be predictable due to its simplistic song structures, but every song captures the conceptual framework of last stands in battle with their epic feel and buildups to massive choruses that always hit. It’s not a perfect album, but ‘The Last Stand’ is still a great record.”

6. Heroes (2014)

SABATON "HEROES" CD | Martyr Hardcore Metal Online Store

“A consistent power metal album by Sabaton, personally my favorite power metal band out there, mixing history with the big-dick energy of Power Metal while mixing it with heavy & symphonic styles as well. This is a good Sabaton album, nothing new, but consistent energy.”

5. The Great War (2019)

CD: Sabaton – The Great War

“Sabaton’s most recent album has a concept revolving around WWI. I must say that this album was really hard to place this low because I love almost every song. The title track is my favorite song due to just how massive and epic the entire song is with its operatic backing vocals and its mid-paced rhythm to go along with one of best choruses the band has ever written.”

4. Attero Dominatus (2006)

Attero Dominatus (Re-Armed) - Album by Sabaton | Spotify

“Sabaton’s second album is very similar to the band’s debut, but I do think it’s a tiny bit better. Again the production of the album is not good, but the songwriting and performances easily make up for that. The title track explores the Battle of Berlin from the perspective of the Soviets and features a fast tempo with great riffs and an incredibly anthemic chorus.”

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3. Carolus Rex (2012)

Carolus Rex (album) - Wikipedia

“It’s a historical concept album about a Swedish king, and has an overwhelming amount of sing-a-long choruses. Normally, I don’t like English lyrics sung with a heavy foreign accent, but due to the subject matter it only adds to the album. I also like the Swedish lines thrown into the mix along with the English.”

2. The Art Of War (2008)

The Art Of War: Music

“This is my favourite album by one of my favourite bands. This album never stops assaulting your eardrums. No song is boring and no song is skippable. Talvisota and Panzerkampf are painfully catchy and the title track Art of War is like listening to your ancestors wage war on their enemies. Long story short. Listen to this album.”

1. Coat Of Arms (2010)

Steam Workshop::Sabaton - Coat of Arms (With Music)

“This album was fantastic, just as expected. It didn’t quite live up to the impact of The Art Of War and Primo Victoria, but it still holds its own as an excellent album. There isn’t a bad song on it. They seem to have taken their symphonic aspects up a notch for this new album. I for one, welcome this change.”