Sam Hunt Songs Ranked

Sam Lowry Hunt (born December 8, 1984) is an American singer and songwriter. Born in Cedartown, Georgia, Hunt played football in his high school and college years and once attempted to pursue a professional sports career before signing with MCA Nashville in 2014. Since the launch of his career, Hunt has quickly received recognition from both inside and outside the country music community for his blending of genres, incorporating the use of R&B and pop into the production and songwriting of his songs. He has been honored with numerous awards, including one American Music Award, and one CMT Music Award, as well as nominations for Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Awards. Here are all of Sam Hunt’s songs ranked.

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15. Single for the Summer (Montevallo, 2014)

“Sam is unique, relevant & relatable. This band is big on percussion sounds & the musicality is very good. Great modern country album, well worth a listen. Highly recommended.”

14. Ex to See (Montevallo, 2014)

“I can’t stop listening to this album! I know it’s not classic country but a lot of people think he doesn’t fall into the country category at all. I don’t really understand that. I grew up on country and this is a country boy! I know the spoken word is a little different, but what is wrong with different? This man can sing and write and I cannot get enough of him.”

13. Kinfolks (Southside, 2020)

“This is a song that just “nails it” for me. I love the melody; it had me moving from the first notes! Then you bring in the lyrics and…there “it” is!! That “kinfolk” ethnic and dynamic that so many of us from the Mid West and/or South get brought up with and that can become the same thing in life as breathing, and love it at it’s best and hate it at its worst!”

Montevallo - Album by Sam Hunt | Spotify

12. We are Tonight (Spotify Sessions, 2015)

“This is the way it’s supposed to be sung.. He had to reach up and pull this out of the air.. that is amazing! Sam you got it going on!  People that say this ain’t country better get them dusty 8 tracks out and listen and re-live cause the “new country” is here and I love it.. I do love the old stuff I grew up on and I am a little older, but some  won’t  sing along to this cause they are mad at the industry.”

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11. Make You Miss Me (Montevallo, 2014)

“Sam Hunt’s Montevallo is filled with great country songs that will make listeners hum even hours after listening. It can’t hurt that Hunt has a great voice and that the lyrics are incredibly clever. “

10. Hard to Forget (Southside, 2020)

“Sam has become very consistent since the release of his first album with songs such as “Body Like a Back Road,” and now this. It is arguably his best single to date and will hopefully be a summer anthem for country music fans if the summer lives up to its potential in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Sam Hunt: Southside Album Review | Pitchfork

9. Raised On It (Montevallo, 2014)

“I love this song. Actually I love the whole album. It’s my “go to” music for the gym, in my car, and at home! It’s upbeat with touching storytelling. Sam Hunt’s voice is soothing, strong and sexy.”

8. Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90’s (Southside, 2020)

“This song feels HIGHLY reminiscent of “Breaking Up In a Small Town”. It’s got the same sort of structure (spoken word verses, melodic chorus) and even similar themes (not being able to get away from someone easily even after breaking up).”

7. Speakers (Montevallo, 2014)

“I really love this song. If you like the good country songs about boots, boys, lifestyle, and friendships this is perfect for you. This song reminds me of my childhood growing up on the farm. Now I live in the suburbs so it makes me miss the country.”

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6. Body Like a Back Road (Southside, 2020)

“The most perfect hip-hop-influenced modern country/bro-country track. The imagery in every lyric is so vivid, the delivery spot on. I think this song took all the good metaphors to use in a bro-country song about your girl that will ever exist. Sorry, other future bro-country songs.”

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5. House Party (Montevallo, 2014)

“Amazing CD. Every single song is worth a listen. Though not very “country” Sam Hunts voice carries that country twang and his attitude is filled with southern hospitality.”

4. Cop Car (Montevallo, 2014)

“I’ve looked and found there is nothing but, DAMN good, feel good , tell a story like it should be told Amazing songs under his belt. Writes for himself and others as well. I am trying to find flaw with him and it is just not there. Look out men of country music this one is BIG!”

Stream Cop Car (SAM HUNT COVER) - Steve Morris by SteveMorrisMusic | Listen  online for free on SoundCloud

3. Leave the Night On (Montevallo, 2014)

“I don’t know why people feel the need to bash this song as “not country.” Maybe it sounds like pop and has some rapping, but it also has a country feel. Music doesn’t have to fit neatly into one genre. It’s a catchy, feel-good tune.”

2. Break Up In a Small Town (Montevallo, 2014)

“Nobody but Sam Hunt could do this song the way it should be done. Original, creative lyrics and great instrumentation. The words are sad and hit home to anyone who has ever had their heart broken in a small town, where the only escape from the heartbreak is to leave town.”

1. Take Your Time (Montevallo, 2014)

“The lyrics in this song rings nothing but truth if you are from a small town… I love the beat and the story make you imagine being broken hearted in a small town where your last love is just around the corner. It is a song that I like to play again and again!!.”