Sarah McLachlan Songs Ranked

Sarah Ann McLachlan OCOBC (born January 28, 1968) is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for her emotional ballads and mezzo-soprano vocal range. As of 2015 she had sold over 40 million albums worldwide. McLachlan’s best-selling album to date is Surfacing, for which she won two Grammy Awards (out of four nominations) and four Juno Awards. In addition to her personal artistic efforts, she founded the Lilith Fair tour, which showcased female musicians on an unprecedented scale. The Lilith Fair concert tours took place from 1997 to 1999 and resumed in the summer of 2010. Here are all of Sarah McLachlan’s songs ranked.

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20. Forgiveness (Laws of Illusion, 2010)

“This is such an amazing song from her album Laws of Illusion S. It has such beautiful lines. My favorite line from this song is “This house of cards it had to fall.”

19. Full of Grace (Moll Flanders, 1996)

“This is one of the most beautiful, yet chilling immortal pieces of music I have ever heard in my life that continues to have the same effect on me after all these years!”

18. Out of Tune (Laws of Illusion, 2010)

“This song gives me the chills and a profound sense of peace every time I listen to it and is simply timeless. A perfect marriage of music and lyrics!”

17. Stupid (Afterglow, 2003)

“One of her best pieces ever: lyrics, music, performance and also the video. “Stupid” is the only one alluding to the passion and fierceness she conjured in some of her ’90s work,”

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16. Answer (Afterglow, 2003)

“What isn’t their to like about Sarah McLachlan? Another song that really puts things into perspective about life. I really like her work! Awesome lyrics. Sarah’s music is a soundtrack of my life and love with my partner.”

15. Hold On (The Freedom Sessions, 1994)

“My favorite Sarah McLachlan song of all time. Slow and soft with a lot of meaning in the words, and I especially love the chorus and the second section of the song. Absolutely beautiful.”

14. Fear (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, 1993)

“Very unlike most of her other music, in that its instrumentation is kept breathy and ethereal, largely due to the almost total omission of a bottom end. Her vocals are sung almost entirely in her falsetto range with an emphasis on a hall-like reverb effect, which lends a feeling of eerie timelessness. The subject matter is primal and fundamental; the language used is poetic and displays a gift for causally sublime metaphor. Easily my favorite from her library.”

13. Silence (Karma, 1997)

“One of the most beautiful songs out there. She uses several elements and sounds to give the song a full meaningful sound. It’s sad and beautiful all at the same time, a great song!”

12. Black & White (Surfacing, 1997)

“I love the song because Blank and White just puts me in a good mood. Sarah McLachlan has been a part of my music collection for several years and she makes me think of happen times in my childhood.”

11. When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2, 1999)

“This is a beautiful song…slow, thought provoking, and if you are in the right (or wrong) mood, tear jerking. Beautiful message and Sarah McLachlan sings it beautifully, too. I would recommend this song to anyone looking for a good memorial song for a lost loved one or anyone who is a Sarah McLachlan fan.”

10. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, 1993)

“This perhaps the best of Sarah McLachlan’s studio albums – an inspired collection full of songs with multiple hooks, atmospheric and attractive production, and impassioned performances. The compositions are incredibly strong throughout, and despite retaining the same atmospheric production technique throughout there is a surprising level of diversity and originality on offer. This is the best place to hear the talents of the intriguing singer-songwriter.”

9. Song for a Winter’s Night (Miracle on 34th Street, 2002)

“Always come back to this one particular song at Christmas. Not particularly religious, but more to remember loved ones that are gone. Still know where I was the first time I heard it. That’s the test of a memorable song for me.”

8. Vox (Touch, 1988)

“Vox” is one of the most beautiful songs that Sarah McLachlan has ever written. This was before her music got really drippy (see “Surfacing”). I am not really a big fan of dub mixes. I really wish that the original version of “Vox” was on the single and not the dub version. The extended remix is quite good though.”

7. Sweet Surrender (Surfacing, 1997)

“Often, McLachlan’s songs are slower ballads, but this one is more uptempo, and might suit you better if you prefer that. Her vocal range and skills are considerable and are showcased well here. It is a light pop song that is great to listen to especially at work. If you like pop music I highly recommend this song.”

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6. Building a Mystery (Surfacing, 1997)

“People love Sarah McLachlan, including moi, for doin’ her thing- whether Lilith or other, and this song added to her sheer brill production and songcraft repertoire early.”

5. I Will Remember You (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, 1993)

“This is one of my most favorite songs. Sweet and haunting brings back tender moments with a twinge of sadness.  Sarah McLachlan has a beautiful and powerful voice. Every time I listen to this song my heart and my soul are touched.”

4. Adia (Surfacing, 1997)

“You know those songs with the choruses that are so perfect that the verses just sound like a little come-down stage from the last one as well as an anticipatory period for the next one? Aw man, it’s all about those dominant 7th chords she hits right when she’s doing the falsetto as she says “it’s easy” towards the end of the chorus. It’s a grocery store anthem, sure, and my humming that results is sadly usually enough to drown it out when it’s played in its typical setting.”

3. Possession (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, 1993)

“One of the best songs I’ve ever heard! It’s not doubt nothing short of masterpiece. It’s beautifully written and performed. Every single thing about the song is perfection. From the haunting beginning to the emotion filled chorus, to the symphony of guitars in the instrumental break. It just sticks with you.”

2. Fallen (Afterglow, 2003)

“This song is actually perfect! Its nice to listen to this when you’re all alone and no one left for you and when you feel the emptiness around yourself… It’s totally awesome”

1. Angel (Surfacing, 1997)

“This song is absolutely breathtaking. Makes me cry and feel joy, sadness, and love each time I listen to it. One of the few songs that can make me feel all these emotions at once. I love this song beyond description.. It touches the deepest part of my soul.. Reminds me of love ones passed.”