Seal Albums Ranked

Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel (born 19 February 1963), known professionally as Seal, is a British singer-songwriter. He has sold over 20 million records worldwide,  with his first international hit song, “Crazy”, released in 1991; his most celebrated song, “Kiss from a Rose”, was released in 1994. Seal has won multiple awards throughout his career, including three Brit Awards; he won Best British Male in 1992, as well as four Grammy Awards and an MTV Video Music Award. As a songwriter, he received two Ivor Novello Awards for Best Song Musically and Lyrically from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors for “Killer” (1990) and “Crazy” (1991). He was a coach on The Voice Australia in 2012 and 2013 and returned to Australia to work as a coach in 2017. Here are all of Seal Albums Ranked.

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8. System (2007)

“I love how “System” is an upbeat dance offering, which in my opinion is when Seal is at his best. I even thought his wife, Heidi Klum sounded great on his song “Wedding”, her voice works for this type of music. this is a fantastic cd to listen to in your car, it’s great drivin’ music, and is a good buffer for road rage. Seal delivers another winner like only he could.”

7. Soul (2008)

“Seal manages to convey the soul and depth of all the original artists on Soul. As a big Al Green and Sam Cooke fan, I didn’t think anyone could do a better job with their songs than the singers but Seal blew me away with his take on the songs.”

6. Human Being (1998)

“In my opinion, the best Seal’s album. Each song is a masterpiece, and all of them have a really powerful, dark way to stop you listening to. From ‘Human Beings’ to ‘No Easy Way’, the album catch your breath and makes you feel such a great feeling you can’t explain. Obviously, this is only my interpretation, but if you listen carefully to the songs, you can find a place for you on each one. All the songs are outstanding, but ‘State Of Grace’, ‘Just Like You Said’ and ‘Still Love Remains’ are just diamonds and my favourites. Please give it a chance, because this is one of the 90’s best albums.”

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5. Seal IV (2003)

“More so than his last effort, Human Being, Seal IV has that lush, gorgeously melodic quality of his 1994 SEAL album. It’s what we’ve been waiting for – the voice, the lyrics, the music. Especially stunning are Love’s Divine and My Vision, both haunting, emotional — they leave you almost breathless. Seal is literally intoxicating, and you never grow tired of his best work, like this album. Enjoy!”

4. 7 (2015)

“This album is particularly well done and represents a departure from the typical obsolescence of an artist in the latter stages of a career. I too am now a fan of Trevor Horn. Great production quality and attention to detail. There are no dead spots or odd lyrical or instrumental sequences within any of the songs. Each song flows into the next telling an eclectic story of a lovesick bloke who wants his beautiful wife back without being too specific about it.”

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3. Hits (2009)

“here’s 18 tracks on this “Hits” CD, and while calling some of these songs “hits” may imply more commercial success than the track actually generated, the songs are all lovely. Seal’s voice is distinctive and this set of tracks shows his talents off to good effect. Since most people won’t know the majority of these tracks, this is a great way to get to know Seal’s music better.”

2. Seal (1991)

“Seal’s self-titled debut album is arguably the best debut album by any artist in my opinion. Released in 1991, this album pushed the boundaries of dance/pop/soul and even some hip hop and resulted in what I consider the most innovative, sophisticated dance album ever made and this album is fighting head to head against it’s 1994 follow-up oddly also entitled “Seal” as Seal’s strongest collection of music.”

1. Seal II (1994)

“This is rear music with rear singing. It’s the kind of music you can play around your mother, children and preacher. Very classic and clean nothing negative. I hope this guy continue to show himself to e good example to young artist.”