Sech Songs Ranked

Carlos Isaías Morales Williams (born December 3, 1993), better known as Sech, is a Panamanian singer. He is from the Río Abajo township of Panama City and is best known for his single “Otro Trago”, which was nominated for Best Urban Song and Best Urban Fusion/Performance at the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards. He has collaborated with numerous Latin artists including Maluma, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, and Bad Bunny. He released his debut studio album Sueños in April 2019 and his second album 1 of 1 was released on May 21, 2020. Here are all of Sech’s songs ranked.

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8. Fabuloso (1 of 1, 2020)

“Never get bored even listening to it 100 times ,The lyrics and the tunes are so magical that while listening this song I cannot think of anything”

7. Solita (Sueños, 2019)

“The rising sound of this song truly encapsulates the meaning behind the music. The lyrics are grand, the music is just…wow. This is possibly the best song on the disc.”

6. Confía (1 of 1, 2020)

“I do not listen to this type of music, not because I criticize it, but it is not to my taste, however I love it. Good lyrics, good rhythm and excellent voice coordination.”

1 of 1 - Album by Sech | Spotify

5. Miss Lonely (Sueños, 2019)

“Sech really has a special talent and your music is unique. Sincerely it is a pleasure to listen to your music, it is a touch very different from the rest.”

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4. Otro Trago (Sueños, 2019)

“You will definitely be listening to this song over and over. It’s catchy, memorable, and delicious to listen to. I recommend checking out the music video, too. It will make you think differently about this song (in a good way)”

3. Rebota (BRB Be Right Back, 2020)

“This music is wonderful for exercising and dancing. The melody is happy and the tempo is the perfect speed. Definitely recommend for anyone who likes club music.”

42 - Album by Sech | Spotify

2. Sigues Con El (Historias de un Capricornio, 2019)

“Much flow I love this song. But my reflection is that they make their decision to be with the right man or woman, in my case I am with the most macho man in the world and the worst thing is that I have nowhere to go to no longer know about him …”

1. Relación (Relación, 2020)

“This music is something like hyper-mega beautiful trip on LSD, all that feelings, all that sounds – beautiful composition. I never hear anything better in this type of music.”