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Secret Messages is the tenth studio album by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), released in 1983 on Jet Records. It was the last ELO album with bass guitarist Kelly Groucutt, conductor Louis Clark and a full orchestra, and the last ELO album to be released on the Jet label. It was also the final ELO studio album to become a worldwide top 40 hit upon release. Secret Messages, as its title suggests, is littered with hidden messages in the form of backmasking, some obvious and others less so. This was Jeff Lynne’s second tongue-in-cheek response to allegations of hidden Satanic messages in earlier Electric Light Orchestra LPs by Christian fundamentalists, which led up to American congressional hearings in the early 1980s (a similar response had been made by Lynne on the Face the Music album, during the intro to the “Fire on High” track). Here are all of Secret Messages songs ranked.

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10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King

“Another song with JL gettin back to where he once belonged! Great song and one of ELO’s best rockers! Love the violin solos by Mik!”

9. Train of Gold

“Wow. I seriously thought the bee Gees sang backing vocals on this song the first few times I heard it. Jeff’s vocals on the chorus are annoying and nasally. I like Richard’s harmonica parts though!”

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8. Take Me On and On

“Cool Song! I love the guitar solos and the “take me on, take me on, take me on….” vocal part. Very underrated song.”

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7. Letter From Spain

“I love this song! I don’t care what anyone says! Ok Ok, the “letter letter” part is kinda silly, but I love Jeff’s whole approach to this song. Very minimalistic and the backing stacks of vocals have a strong Beach Boys flavor to them. And Jeff’s near whispered vocals are just stunning!”

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6. Danger Ahead

“Super rockin guitar blast to start the song off, but somehow this song kinda get’s lost on its merry way. I love the bridges though and the backwards bits are always fun!”

5. Bluebird

“Similar to The Way Life’s Meant To Be from Time, and Across the Border from OOTB. Very Phil Spectorish! The only parts that bother me are the “” backing vocals and the “Rainbows in fall” bit.”

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4. Stranger

“Very atmospheric and dreamy.Jeff’s lyrics are very visual in this one, I wish he’d do more of that! I like the vocal harmonies on the chorus too.”

3. Loser Gone Wild

“Jeff’s vocals are odd on this one! I like how the chorus takes the song in a totally different direction. Cool jazzy guitar solo too!”

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2. Four Little Diamonds

“Jeff getting back to basics once again. The bridge is kinda dumb though and really doesn’t fit well with the rest of the song. I like the barking dogs though!”

1. Secret Messages

“Very similar to Twilight from Time. I like the digital,futuristic sound of this track and the harmonies all the way through. Actually, the song “Secret Messages” is totally brilliant, and it makes the listener hope something really terrific is on the way.”