Sepultura Songs Ranked

Sepultura (Portuguese: [ˌsepuɫˈtuɾɐ], “grave”) is a Brazilian heavy metal band from Belo Horizonte. Formed in 1984 by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, the band was a major force in the groove metal, thrash metal, and death metal genres during the late 1980s and early 1990s,[4] with their later experiments drawing influence from alternative metal, world music, nu metal, hardcore punk, and industrial metal. Sepultura has also been credited as one of the second waves of thrash metal acts from the late 1980s to early-to-mid-1990s, along with bands like Pantera, Testament, Sacred Reich, Dark Angel, Vio-lence, Forbidden, Death Angel, and Machine Head. Sepultura has released fifteen studio albums to date, the latest being Quadra (2020). Their most successful records are Beneath the Remains (1989), Arise (1991), Chaos A.D. (1993), and Roots (1996). Sepultura has sold over three million units in the United States and almost 20 million worldwide, gaining multiple gold and platinum records around the globe, including in countries as diverse as France,  Australia, Indonesia, the United States, Cyprus, and their native Brazil. Here are all of Sepultura songs ranked.

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20. Cut-Throat (The Roots of Sepultura, 1996)

“Come on not the best by this group but just listen to that scream CUT THROAT CUT THROAT alongside the sweeping drums.. Such a hardcore headbanging song that will break your neck…”

19. Lobotomy (Beneath the Remains, 1989)

“This is my favorite of their Thrash era. Surprised it wasn’t in the top 20 at least. Probably the most groove metal song of all time”

18. Propaganda (Chaos A.D., 1993)

“Honestly best song they have. It’s like a better version of raining blood.  The bassline break on ‘Propaganda’, maintaining the flow and consistency of the songs and helping to keep interest for the entire album.

17. Symptom of the Universe (Chaos A.D., 1993)

“This song’s lyrics are so powerful and heartfelt. It doesn’t get better than this as far as I’m concerned. I could sit and listen to this song all day because it really speaks to me and almost everyone can relate to it in one way or another.”

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16. Primitive Future (Beneath the Remains, 1989)

“The best crazy underrated and the best on the best record amazing catchy and great start with a single guitar and vocals from hoppus killer track”

15. From the Past Comes the Storms (Schizophrenia, 1987)

“This song is the most inspirational out there to everyone in some many ways: The lyrics, the guitar riffs and chords, the tune and beat, the rhythm, the tempo, the drums, bass, the voice and many other more.”

14. Mass Hypnosis (Beneath the Remains, 1989)

“The pure trashiness along with the nice instrumental middle make one of the best Sepultura songs around. That feeling when the solo starts. So emotional I don’t know why…”

13. Slave New World (Chaos A.D., 1993)

“While way too short, this is an awesome tune. This certainly is a 2:55 of pure enjoyment. This one compares with the best of em! Come on my people. Rocks!”

12. Orgasmatron (Arise, 1991)

“This song is and will be legendary, because it expresses the first step to maturity after a terrible heartbreak situation, being accompanied by the best riff and drums.”

11. Attitude (The Roots of Sepultura, 1996)

“Great metal song! Cool music video too! Not a bad intro, and an amazing song. The nü metal Sepultura kicked so much more ass than thrash, shame it inspired slipknot and crap like that”

10. Beneath the Remains (Beneath the Remains, 1988)

“If any of you thought slayer was super fast, they’re like a snail compared to this song. The acoustic intro was nice, but the song itself is just everything! It’s heavy, it has great riffing. Max Cavalera’s vocal is the definition of power. And like I said before, INSANELY FAST. This is sepultura thrash.”

9. Desperate Cry (Arise, 1991)

“Words can’t describe this masterpiece… Just listen to it! It’s probably Sepultura’s most atmospheric songs. From the intro to even the extremely fast parts, this song is perfect too to bottom”

8. Troops of Doom (Morbid Visions, 1986)

“Easily their best song. Just a masterpiece, the perfect collection of good riffs and drumming. Masterpiece. Hard to choose between this song and the Dead Embryonic Cell.”

7. Ratamahatta (The Roots of Sepultura, 1996)

“Imagine this: before their famous, they went of a nationwide talent show. they decide to play this song. they start off with the Brazilian native music. the judges are confused by now. then the guitar starts and the singing. the judges would just be in shock. Sepultura and their own genre is only known as Sepultura is born.”

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6. Territory (Chaos A.D., 1993)

“This song took me back to rock from rap. I was listening to rap, mostly, then heard this and came running back. Saw them, White Zombie and Pantera. Best concert ever!”

5. Arise (Arise, 1991)

“This song is my first ever Sepultura song and Best song of Sepultura Sepultura’s greatest work next to roots bloody roots..”

4. Inner Self (Beneath the Remains, 1989)

“The best Sepultura song! Whenever you’re in a bad mood this music will certainly convert it into a world beating positive mood. All the people on Facebook chucking ice over their head, posting statuses about the last time they blinked and listening to the latest brainwashing drivel in the charts will never quite understand how skilled and dedicated these musicians are and what a great band this is.”

3. Refuse/Resist (Chaos A.D., 1993)

“Refuse/Resist is to me the best Sepultura song, I love the drum intro. This song remind me the mass action in Indonesia by 1998.”

2. Dead Embryonic Cells (Arise, 1991)

“Probably the best sepultura song out there. Dead embryonic cells has lots of great riffs, singing is great, overall just an awesome song. This is sepultura at its very best, back when max cavalera was still in the band.”

1. Roots Bloody Roots (The Roots of Sepultura, 1996)

“This is the first Sepultura song I heard too. Its aggressive and catchy. Its great to be able to understand the lyrics too. This rocks your socks off!”