Sheryl Crow Songs Ranked

Sheryl Suzanne Crow (born February 11, 1962) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actress. Her music incorporates elements of pop, rock, country, jazz, and blues. She has released ten studio albums, four compilations, two live albums, and has contributed to a number of film soundtracks. Her most popular songs include “All I Wanna Do” (1994), “Strong Enough” (1994), “If It Makes You Happy” (1996), “Everyday Is a Winding Road” (1996), “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997) (the theme song for the James Bond film of the same name), “My Favorite Mistake” (1998), “Picture” (2002) (duet with Kid Rock) and “Soak Up the Sun” (2002). She has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. Crow has garnered nine Grammy Awards (out of 32 nominations) from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.
In 1996, Crow released her self-titled second album. he produced the album herself and also played a variety of instruments, from various guitars, bass or pedal steel to various organs and piano. The debut single, “If It Makes You Happy”, became a radio success and netted her two Grammy awards for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance and Best Rock Album. Other singles included “A Change Would Do You Good”, “Home”, and “Everyday Is a Winding Road”. The album was banned from sale at Wal-Mart, because in the lyrics to “Love Is a Good Thing” Crow says that Wal-Mart sells guns to children. The album also features a protest song called “Redemption Day”, which was covered by Johnny Cash on his last album American VI: Ain’t No Grave. Here are all of Sheryl Crow’s songs ranked.

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20. Good Is Good (Wildflower, 2005)

“Sheryl Crow makes some really outstanding music and this one reminds me of the best of Fleetwood Mac. Good is Good. A must-have for any real Sheryl Crow fan, esp if looking for new music. Best track from the studio album its on.”

19. Steve McQueen (C’mon, C’mon, 2002)

“This was not the best song of all time. It sounded like a country mix of Kid Rock and Uncle Cracker. I mean the hook is good but I like her 90’s output a lot more.”

18. What I Can Do for You (Tuesday Night Music Club, 1993)

“One of the best tracks from “Tuesday Night Music Club”, this tune calls out a controlling, touchy-feely guy to the backdrop of a throbbing funky beat.”

17. Everyday is a Winding Road (Sheryl Crow, 1996)

“A brilliant single. Crow can’t sing for beans, but as producer, she summons a crisp groove of bongos and bullfrog bass. Same kind of talking-folk-rock-with-wacky-characters a la “All I Wanna Do,” “The Na-Na Song,” “If It Makes You Happy” et al, but hey, it’s a burbling lil’ pop song. Oh, and the slide guitar is nuts. Good stuff.”

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16. Picture (Cocky, 2001)

“What a pair The Kid and Sheryl !!! One of those songs that is so true !!! They do a great job with it and wish they could do more together !!! I guess when you have something as good as this it’s better to walk away because it would be so hard to top !!! It’s like true love, it only happens once in a great while !!! Enjoy !!!”

15. Always On Your Side (Wildflower, 2005)

“Sheryl Crow and Sting-what a perfect pairing! Two great musicians, songwriters and above all-artists-together on the song Sheryl wrote-absolutely wonderful! No one could top this performance of that song.”

14. Oh Marie (Sheryl Crow, 1996)

“Oh Marie” is my favorite but only because I’m sure I dated the exact same Marie the song was written about and she was the most gorgeous girl.”

13. Can’t Cry Anymore (Tuesday Night Music Club, 1993)

“Problems pile up for old Sheryl here as she bemoans her lot over a hit-you-over-the-head drum-beat. Like the beat in the song, a change would her good here, but it’s still a solid enough track.”

12. Letter to God (Wildflower, 2005)

“Most of the songs aren’t anything more than just nice, but Crow’s singing is very good and the album’s fine production creates a lovely mood. The obvious stand out is “Letter To God”, a relatively up tempo song that ranks among her best work.”

11. Run, Baby, Run (Tuesday Night Music Club, 1993)

“One of the things that leap out at you from Tuesday Night Music Club is that it is an album recorded and sequenced with the sole intent of making Sheryl Crow a star. There’s a distinct feeling that the focus is on her stylistic range, as from the off the album runs the gamut from slow and deliberate opener “Run, Baby, Run”

10. Leaving Las Vegas (Tuesday Night Music Club, 1993)

“I love the bass line, which repeats itself as the song goes through the motions of the ultimate defeat. The losing aspect of gambling addiction combines with the idea of pimping girls to provide a picture of the decline of a pismire empire hooked on its own thrills. The entertainment speech genres find some crossroad trucker to demonstrate his might until no place is far enough away, so I’m leaving Las Vegas today. The beauty is in the line: I won’t be back.”

9. Strong Enough (Tuesday Night Music Club, 1993)

“This is a stripped down, spare vocal by the talented Sheryl Crow, whose repertoire has become considerable. In this song, she expresses the agony of her feelings to her sometime lover, asking if he’s strong enough to be her man. It is lovely and painful at the same time.”

8. Tomorrow Never Dies (Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997)

“I really like Sheryl Crow’s music. This song is a good one to sing along with, I think. It’s not bubbly, but, it comes across well. I believe that she has a unique quality to her music and there are a variety of environments she presents in each of her songs. This one, I enjoy listening to a lot.”

7. All I Wanna Do (Tuesday Night Music Club, 1993)

“Sheryl Crow is a gifted storyteller. Her voice is versatile and crafted. I am enjoying getting to know the songs on the album that are not big hits but are wonderful.”

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6. My Favorite Mistake (The Globe Sessions, 1998)

“This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I didn’t like it at first but one day I was listening to it and the song really spoke to me and now its one of my favorite songs of all time. Go figure.”

5. A Change Would Do You Good (Sheryl Crow, 1996)

“Bought this CD way back when and decided to also get the electronic version for my phone. Great album, nearly every song is great. It’s what you listen to when you’re in a good mood or want to be.”

4. Soak Up the Sun (C’mon, C’mon, 2002)

“I’d say “Soak Up the Sun” is my favorite. It’s a lighthearted song with an upbeat and perky guitar line throughout and playful lyrics, and evokes the feeling of summer, the beach, and just good times in general. And during these cold and murky November days, it’s the perfect antidote to the oncoming winter blues.”

3. The First Cut is the Deepest (C’mon America, 2003)

“Wonderful song, though it is important to note this song was written by Cat Stevens, so I wouldn’t put a cover of a song as the best. Though her version is fantastic!”

2. Real Gone (Cars, 2006)

“My little toddler is obsessed with Disney cars. We ordered this so he could hear the familiar songs in the car. He sings along with the words he knows from the backseat.”

1. If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow, 1996)

“Great song. Crow is one of those artist that keep it simple and yet, it seems to work. Especially in this world of electronic this or that they do to your voice. Great rock and roll song. Less pop sounding than some of her other songs. Classic!”