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Heart & Soul is the seventh studio album released by American country music singer-songwriter Eric Church. The album was split into three separate albums: Heart (released on April 16, 2021), & (released exclusively as a vinyl record to members of his fan club, called the Church Choir, on April 20, 2021) and Soul (released on April 23, 2021). The album was released by EMI Nashville, who have been Church’s label home since 2011’s Chief. It was preceded by the singles “Stick That in Your Country Song”, which received a nomination for Best Country Solo Performance at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, and “Hell of a View”. Here are all of the Soul songs ranked.

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9. Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones

“I am an Eric Church fan and he is one of the few artists I pre order the album. This month there were 3 releases. First Heart a week ago, then ‘&’ which is sadly a fan club only release and finally this one.”

8. Jenny

“Eric Church has always marched to the beat of his own drum and whether that always produces music to everyone’s taste is questionable but what can’t be questioned is the heart… and indeed here, the Soul, the man puts into his work.”

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7. Hell of a View

“I found a lot of the lyrical content of this record to be harmless. Church has a far better way with words on this disc as he sounds less likely to be singing about how much he loves his truck.”

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6. Bright Side Girl

“For whatever reason, it seems impossible to find a stream/album of &, the middle album in this trilogy. From what I’ve gathered listening to Soul and Heart, I probably don’t need it as these albums are not that different from one another minus some very subtle songwriting changes.”

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5. Rock & Roll Found Me

“And then we have the points where Church wants to experiment and cuts like ‘Rock & Roll Found Me’ that have the right vibe but just feel undercooked and clunkier in their arrangement than they should”

4. Look Good and You Know It

“Look Good And You Know It” is the kind of breakup song that I would have eviscerated Sam Hunt for on his last album, but Church has the understanding that this partner is not dressing up for him.”

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3. Break It Kind of Guy

“There are a couple of experiments here that do not work as well. The first one is obvious: “Break It Kind Of Guy” has an unnatural pulsating bass drum and a very unflattering synthetic hi hat that persists throughout the entire track that diverts my attention away from the hooks and grooves”

2. Where I Wanna Be

“The best way to describe this album might be ‘sprawling’, not just in the tones owing their obvious debts to Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp but in how Eric Church used the expanded run time over two and a half disks to adventure into sounds and genres he wouldn’t otherwise have room to touch on a traditional full-length without it turning into a mess – hell, he’s been down that road a few too many times already.”

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1. Bad Mother Trucker

“I do like Soul, but I feel like the experimentation on display does not hit as frequently as it does on Heart. This disc feels like it has a lot more filler by comparison; even the best songs don’t hold up to the highlights of disc one. But there is some distinctive quality here, so I am leaning towards a more favourable rating.”