Spandau Ballet Albums Ranked

Spandau Ballet (/ˈspændaʊ ˈbæleɪ/SPAN-dow BAL-ay) was an English pop band formed in Islington, London, in 1979. Inspired by the capital’s post-punk underground dance scene, they emerged at the start of the 1980s as the house band for the Blitz Kids, playing “European Dance Music” as “The Applause” for this new club culture’s audience.[7][8][9] They became one of the most successful groups of the New Romantic era of British pop and were part of the Second British Invasion of the Billboard Top 40 in the 1980s, selling 25 million albums and having 23 hit singles worldwide. The band has had eight UK top 10 albums, including three greatest hits compilations and an album of re-recorded material. Their musical influences ranged from punk rock and soul music to the American crooners Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Here are all of Spandau Ballet albums ranked.

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8. The Twelve Inch Mixes (1986)

“The songs on this album are really good to listen to. Unlike the war trials at the infamous Spandau prison, these songs are forever and timeless. One will hear no clanking of chains or the yell of prison roll call. One will only hear some of the best 80s jazzy R&B music, heck some of the best music ever made on this planet at any time in history. And also unlike the infamous Spandau Prison, people will be talking about this music and their fondness for it even in two hundred years.”

7. Heart Like A Sky (1989)

“Really Great album. Unfortunately was panned by critics at the time. But this has some brilliant tracks. RAW, Empty spaces. Matter of time, windy town and Handful of dust. Also this has a more exciting beat and sound to it. Very different to previous spandau albums. Maybe a little Latin influence.”

6. The Singles Collection (1985)

“Everybody is familiar with True. That is anybody who listens to music other than strictly country, soul/R&B, rap, classical or jazz. But Spandau Ballet had a lot more than just that one song. They were a soft rock, new wave group. Little in their repertoire would offend anyone.”

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5. Through The Barricades (1986)

“The album was the band’s last great commercial success, with the title song also offered their last hit and the biggest tour in the band’s history was made. With Fight For Ourselves and How Many Lies, there were two more medium hits of them.”

4. Diamond (1982)

“Diamond celebrates the club world of new Ro in the early 1980s London scene. It is doesn’t get any better than Chant no. 1, or Coffee Club for funky British club music. My first erotic fantasies were from the accompanying videos for Paint Me Down, Chant No. 1, Instinction. etc.”

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3. Journeys To Glory (1981)

“Journeys to Glory was Spandau Ballet’s debut album and was released in the British spring of 1981. These five lads from Islington, London actually did something unique with their first album – instead of signing with a record label they created their own label – Reformation.”

2. Parade (1984)

“This album is pure pleasure. It’s a teeny bit pompous, due to Tony Hadley’s vocal stylings, but in a charming way. It’s a little bravado, a little posing, a little like a man who refuses to grow up. The 16 year old who writes furtive love poems under the desk. The boy who, like a good school boy should, paid his dues and finally got to the big stage. So he’s only ten years too late. It doesn’t matter because it’s still, well, True…”

1. True (1983)

“The Album True is on my top ten list of CDs from the 80s. True is a must-have for anyone who wants to have good taste in really good music. Buy True this instant and when you receive it open it and play this Truly fantastic cd. I promise you that you will be hooked on Spandau Ballet for the rest of your life.”