Squid Songs Ranked

Squid is an English post-punk band from Brighton, England. They are currently based in London. Squid released their debut EP on Speedy Wunderground, Town Centre, in 2019 and have since released four singles on Warp Records. Their debut album, Bright Green Field, was released by Warp Records on 7 May 2021. Squid was formed in Brighton, England in 2017. They have cited Neu! and This Heat as influences. In 2019, they released their second EP, titled Town Centre, to critical acclaim. Town Centre was produced by Dan Carey and released on Speedy Wunderground. In March 2020, Squid signed to Warp Records and have released five singles with them as of April 2021 They were planning on touring Europe throughout 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are all of Squid songs ranked.

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8. Broadcaster (Broadcaster, 2020)

“Broadcaster” really sees Squid take a dive into progressive electronic and even some Berlin School. It starts off with a chugging synthline as well as some very atmospheric synth work too. Shortly after the vocals have been present for a while, this hypnotic guitar line enters the fray and really turns up the intensity via this crazy instrumental explosion. This track is what I’d call one of Squid’s most underrated tracks to date as it’s one of their most successful attempts at going nearly fully experimental, building on the atmospheric work they did on their debut EP “Lino.”

7. Natural Resources (Natural Resources, 2020)

“Natural Resources” features two covers by Squid, the first being “Pigs (In There)” by Robert Wyatt. The group put their own spin on by replacing lyrics to fit where the group played at one point in 2019. I’ve never heard Robert Wyatt, much less this song that seems like a very obscure one that’s only find on a compilation of his. Having said this, this is an okay song. If it were a 3 minute song I’d say it’s slightly better but I don’t think it suffices a 5 minute runtime. The second cover, or interpretation, is “Clapping Music” by Steve Reich. Squid’s take on it turns it into a dance-punk track that’s very Squid sounding and is the better of the two.”

6. Paddling (Bright Green Field, 2021)

“I find Squid’s vocalist to have one of the most unbearable voices in music, and here his voice surely doesn’t help the song. The groove is mostly stiff, overly insistent, and not particularly enjoyable by itself. However, I dig the drums, the more melodic bits are very nice, with their very indie rocking guitar notes, and the track builds to a satisfying climax in the end where the vocalist can scream as much as he likes and I don’t feel any desire to punch him in the face. Enjoyable and probably one of the better Squid songs I’ll hear.”

Squid: Town Centre Album Review | Pitchfork

5. Houseplants (Houseplants, 2019)

“Extremely catchy and high energy single from post-punk/art punk band, Squid. Fantastic use of manic vocals, prominent saxophone, and catchy guitar to create a nearly perfect post-punk track (in my opinion).”

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4. The Cleaner (Town Centre, 2019)

“It’s good and i love the krautrock energy that this song exudes. but there’s still something missing. this song could quite easily fall into a ‘new british indie’ playlist and blend in pretty well. still, lots of promise shown and they defintely came thru on later releases.”

3. Sludge (Sludge, 2020)

“Sludge” is Squid’s grand return after being silent for over 6 months since the release of the amazing “Town Centre” EP. This track is much more spacey than most of their singles from the last year or two and it’s a great choice. The lyrics are very quarantine-influenced. There’s a lot of Krautrock and Art Punk influence on this track, more so than anything else they’ve made before. I love the fact that they’re full embracing these influences whilst still retaining their claim-to-fame Dance-Punk sound. With every song they release, the more excited I get for the day they release a full-length debut.”

Squid - Bright Green Field | Album Review

2. Narrator (Bright Green Field, 2021)

“Though this band is still in their infancy, this track manages to be one of the best art-punk songs in recent memory. It’s intense, full of wit and personality, and is full of nice grooves and a grand crescendo. If this is any signification of the quality of their debut album, then we are in for a new classic.”

1. Pamphlets (Bright Green Field, 2021)

“As if the way that Ollie Judge drops the shouting for a moment to mournfully sing “I don’t go outside” could capture how insular our political discourse is today. Pamphlets is a careening, adrenaline-fueled train crash that I’m fairly sure will be like witnessing the polarity of the Earth changing when we finally get to see it live.”