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Static-X is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1994. The line-up has fluctuated over the years but was long-held constant with band founder, frontman, vocalist, and guitarist Wayne Static until 2014. The band was founded by Wayne Static and original drummer Ken Jay. They rose to fame with their 1999 debut album Wisconsin Death Trip where their heavy industrial metal sound attracted attention within the burgeoning nu metal movement of the late 1990s, with the album eventually going platinum in the United States. The band released five more albums over the course of the next decade: Machine in 2001, Shadow Zone in 2003, Start a War in 2005, Cannibal in 2007, and Cult of Static in 2009. Here are all of the Static-X songs ranked.

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15. Destroy All (Shadow Zone, 2003)

“Destroy All” is, as aforementioned, a very hard a loud song which may take some warming up to. Good song, though. Static-X explode out of the gate with this one. Don’t judge the album just based on this song, though.”

14. Invincible (Shadow Zone, 2003)

“Invincible” is another slow song, similar to “So”, but more of a ballad. It may be the only song on this C.D. that falls flat, but it’s a good way to close a great album!”

13. Brainfog (Start a War, 2005)

“Brainfog’ brings in some really great electronica along with some unique percussion, using only the word “Brainfog” as vocals, but ends at 2:20 minutes with silence following it. There is a five minute blank gap until some senseless vocals without instrumentation come in, lasting for another three-plus minutes. ‘Brainfog’ would have been great, but I hate those silence gaps.”

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12. I Am (Wisconsin Death Trip, 1999)

“Fast, hard and awesome. The best song that calms me down when I am in a really bad mood. Better then punching a brick wall, I guarantee it.”

11. Love Dump (Wisconsin Death Trip, 1999)

“Awesome song, just can’t beat it, great tempo and the look on people’s faces when you sing the lyrics whilst walkin down the street is pure hilarity”

10. So (Shadow Zone, 2003)

“Kind of in between their heavier stuff and lighter stuff, but on of my favorites. I notice something new every time I listen to the song”

Static-X - Shadow Zone Artwork (3 of 4) |

9. Kill Your Idols (Shadow Zone, 2003)

“The guitar riffs are more complicated and catchy on this album; “Kill Your Idols” features a grungy, deep guitar growl that keeps you hooked. “Kill Your Idols” is another super-contagious song and a great metal song. A great, monstrous riff runs throughout it. I love the part when the riff plays in one earphone, then after 5 seconds, the riff comes into the other earphone. Very cool.”

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8. Skinnyman (Start a War, 2005)

“‘Skinnyman’ is the star of this CD, possibly the best song Static-X has ever done, in my opinion. Addiction. Strong and slow, passionate beat, and powerful lyrics make it the one song I play over and over. “As my skin turns yellow, I forget this hell. As the skies are bruised, and the rain comes down. As my face turns pale, I try to deal with these thoughts. At the end of it all….I still miss you.”

7. I’m with Stupid (Wisconsin Death Trip, 1999)

“Static-X are certainly among the current cream of the crop when it comes to techno-metal. They are one of the only bands that are brave enough to try it, and they certainly are the most popular of these bands.”

Static-X – Wisconsin Death Trip (1999, CD) - Discogs

6. Destroyer (Cannibal, 2007)

“The screaming vocals were a bit much at first. It reminded me of Hellyeah when the singer goes crazy with the primal scream/singing. But I liked that and after 2 listenings to Canibal, It is one of my favorite heavy metal cd’s.”

5. Black and White (Machine, 2001)

“I guess you could sort of relate “Black & White” to “Permanence” in a way. Although I would say “Permanence” is better and it’s more techno, “Black & White” is still enjoyable. Could have been better because the lyrics don’t make much sense, but, hey, who cares?”

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4. Cold (Machine, 2001)

“Wayne’s vocals are just brutal on this one! I can feel the chorus cutting through me like a knife every time I hear it! It’s one if those songs that makes you think and rock out at the same time.”

Static-X - Machine | Ediciones, críticas, créditos | Discogs

3. This Is Not (Machine, 2001)

“I’d say the most popular and the most commercial song on the album is “This is Not”. I’m guessing the majority of metal fans have heard this song and this song might have gained some new fans of Static-X. Probably the best on the album.”

2. Push It (Wisconsin Death Trip, 1999)

“Consisting of Wayne Static (lead vocals, guitars, programming), Ken Jay (drums), Tony Campos (bass, backing vocals), and Koichi Fukuda (guitars, keyboards, programming), Static-X’s debut album Wisconsin Death Trip is without a doubt the band’s best album ever.”

1. The Only (Shadow Zone, 2003)

“The Core song that puts the ice on the cake that is Shadow Zone a cake that you can eat over and over agian without getting full. “The Only” is more radio-friendly than most of the album, but it’s a great mix of (a wee-bit of techno), metal, and industrial breakdowns. The vocals are more proper than usual, but the metal remains in tact. During the bridges, there’s a brief pause, but then a big metal riff explodes out of no where. The lyrical idea here is interesting, pondering thoughts of feelings (feeling nothing, and not understanding what you feel).”