Street Survivors Songs Ranked

Street Survivors is the fifth studio album by the Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, released on October 17, 1977. The LP is the last Skynyrd album recorded by original members Ronnie Van Zant and Allen Collins, and is the sole Skynyrd studio recording by guitarist Steve Gaines. Three days after the album’s release, the band’s chartered airplane crashed en route to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, killing the pilot, co-pilot, the group’s assistant road-manager and three band members (Van Zant, Gaines, and Gaines’ older sister, backup singer Cassie Gaines), and severely injuring most who survived the crash. The album was an instant success, achieving gold certification just 10 days after its release. It would later go double platinum. The album performed well on the charts, peaking at #5 (the band’s highest-charting album), as did the singles “What’s Your Name” and “That Smell,” the former a top-20 hit on the singles chart. Here are all of Street Survivors’ songs ranked.

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8. Honky Tonk Night Time Man

“Honky Tonk Night Time Man” is a cover of the Merle Haggard hit. Ronnie Van Zant grew up idolizing Haggard, and he puts out some great “bluesy” vocals. A good, fun, country song, that any fan of the band will appreciate.”

7. Ain’t No Good Life

“A searing blues track, “Ain’t No Good Life” is a powerful, emotional blues track. Van Zant’s pained vocals combines with the powerful electric blues to make a good blues track.”

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6. One More Time

“A soft-spoken country-rock ballad, “One More Time” has Van Zant singing with his emotional, heartfelt lyrics behind a mix of folk and country guitar melodies. “One More Time” is similar to “The Ballad of Curtis Loew”, and the track comes off sounding very inspired and heartfelt.”

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5. I Know a Little

“A fast, rapid-fire boogie track, “I Know A Little” is a catchy, smoking track full of roaring blues guitar and boogie piano. Van Zant’s vocals are light and upbeat, and this track has the feel of being in an old western bar. A very underrated, overlooked classic.”

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4. I Never Dreamed

“An introspective ballad, “I Never Dreamed” combines the soulful country guitar harmonies with Van Zant’s pained vocals. If you’re a fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and you like their ballads, you’d be sure to enjoy “I Never Dreamed”.

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3. You Got That Right

“A rocking celebration of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s wild touring, “You Got That Right” is an extremely addictive rocker, one of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s less southern and more hard rocking tracks. It combines the cheeky, sarcastic singing of Ronnie Van Zant with some of Skynyrd’s most inspired guitarwork. This song is probably my favorite song from Lynyrd Skynyrd; it’s worth getting the album for this song alone!”

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2. What’s Your Name

“The massive Top Ten hit, Ronnie Van Zant wrote “What’s Your Name” in response to MCA, which wanted a short, anthemic hit single like “Sweet Home Alabama”. A short, addictive southern rocker, “What’s Your Name” is an upbeat and charming rocker, with lots of boogie piano and trumpets, not to mention the guitar harmonies we’ve come to know and love.”

1. That Smell

“A dark, serious song about the dangers of drug abuse, Ronnie Van Zant wrote “That Smell” after several of his band members almost died in car crashes due to drug and alcohol abuse. Van Zant sings with lots of emotion, with a hint of foreboding, and his message is very profound. Skynyrd’s guitarists dole out plenty of crunching power chords and anthemic guitar melodies. Easily one of Skynyrd’s best.”