Sugar Ray Songs Ranked

Sugar Ray is an American rock band formed in Newport Beach, California in 1986. Originally playing heavier nu-metal style music, the band achieved mainstream popularity in 1997 with their more pop-influenced single “Fly”. The song’s success led the band to shift its style dramatically to the more radio-friendly pop sound with their subsequent releases. Their best-selling album, 14:59, was released in 1999, and featured popular singles “Every Morning”, “Someday”, followed by a self-titled album in 2001 featuring the single “When It’s Over”. The band would release two further albums, In the Pursuit of Leisure (2003) and Music for Cougars (2009), though the albums and respective singles generally sold far less. The band continued to tour into the 2010s. In 2019, ten years after the band’s last album, they announced their seventh studio album, Little Yachty, in June 2019. The lead single, “Make It Easy”, was released the same month. Here are all of Sugar Ray songs ranked.

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15. Falls Apart (14:59, 1999)

“A great mix of the alt pop sound that made them popular and the more rock-oriented stuff they started out with. It’s about as deep as Sugar Ray ever got with their lyrical content, and although that’s not saying much, it’s still nice to hear them take risks.”

14. Answer the Phone (Sugar Ray, 2001)

” The music video for “Answer the Phone” was awesome because all the footage reflected back on their first album. This song talks about a guy and a girl who hooked up together. They seem to like each other at the initial stage of seeing each other, with sexual relationship involved as what it was pretty much mentioned on the bridge part.  But then it seems like they were having a hard time trying to progress into something else

13. Into Yesterday (Surf’s Up, 2007)

“Sugar Ray is great and this song just makes me want to hit the beach and have fun. This song is always on my summer playlist. Reminds me of when I was younger and we would go to the beach. We would listen to all their songs.

12. Under the Sun (Sugar Ray, 2001)

“This song is so like…great because you don’t even want to think about the lyrics. Its a cool sound and it’s a relaxing summer song. A song that you wanna listen to cruisin down the road. Love it . Sugar Ray is amazing.”

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11. Mean Machine (Lemonade and Brownies, 1995)

“This song kicks ass! This song kicks my ass! And this song kicks your ass! I’m gonna try to forget about new Sugar Ray and that whole “Entertainment Tonight” thing.”

10. Dance Party USA (Lemonade and Brownies, 1995)

“A party song with lyrics that I find similar to Limp Bizkit’s ‘Show Me What You Got’ with mentions of various places in the U.S.A. This song sounds like it would be incredible played live.”

9. Iron Mic (Lemonade and Brownies, 1995)

“A slow bass riff leads this song with Mark’s vocals again serving their purpose with an odd effect applied to them during the verses. One of my favorites, This song has the ability to start moshpits.”

8. When It’s Over (Sugar Ray, 2001)

“This song, despite its upbeat melody, holds a sense of melancholy in the lyrics. About a person who let’s go of someone that in the beginning, they didn’t realize how much that person meant to them until it was over. Also, this relationship though terminated isn’t quite through, when he says “When it’s over, Is it really over?” saying, yeah I know we broke up but is this time really the end? I really love this song, It’s exactly what I wanted to say to my ex-boyfriend. I guess it’s true you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. But after listening to this song a couple of times and crying frantically, It’s time to move on. All good things come to an end.”

7. RPM (Floored, 1997)

“Once “Fly” gave Sugar Ray their first hit, they set to work rewriting that song as many times as possible to the point they now have about 647 albums featuring the same piece of music with 12 different sets of lyrics. Before that hit, however, they did stuff like “RPM”, and proved they did Nu Metal better than pretty much anyone else who ever approached the genre. Mind you it’s still Nu Metal, but they at least did it justice.”

6. American Pig (Floored, 1997)

“Most people don’t know that Sugar Ray could throw down some seriously cool riffs. Floored is one of these albums. Before the pop hits and swooning young ladies, Ray made some very cool songs about cars, parties and generally raising hell.”

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5. Personal Space Invader (14:59, 1999)

“I think this song is about the man (authority) always being in the way, never leaving you alone, invading your space. Whether your parents, junior high principal, the cops, or the president, the man is trying to invade your space. The background voice that says “remember how we taught you well” and stuff like that symbolizes the man. When he says “remember how we taught you well,” I think he is referring to teachers and principals, who are usually a kids’ first authority figure after parents, and usually, this authority figure is looked back on more negatively than other figures.”

4. Someday (14:59, 1999)

:”I’ve always had a soft spot for this song…It reminds me a lot of “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys, in that it’s one of those breezy, wistful sort of pop songs that makes you feel all fuzzy and nostalgic inside. People slagging this really need to lighten up.”

3. 10 Seconds Down (Lemonade and Brownies, 1995)

“This is an excellent groove-based metal song. The best comparison would probably be other mid-90s alt metal like Helmet, although the verses remind me of Pantera a little.”

2. Every Morning (14:59, 1999)

“The test results have proven that Sugar Ray is the softest rock band of all time maybe. Well, Styx and some others were awful too. The only difference is that I like, make that really like this song. You can say how much you really don’t like it, but then when it comes on and you’re with friends. Who is the lame person in the middle of the room dancing to what you called “That lame old dumb song” It was you, buddy, you or an adult, get married and have kids.”

1. Fly (Floored, 1997)

“A song for nostalgia while cruising down a highway. Medium energy, but easy to sing along with and a good rhythm for state highways and interstates. Lay back relax and dream about being on an island”