Sunk Loto Albums Ranked

Sunk Loto are an Australian alternative metal band formed in Gold Coast, Queensland in 1997. The band’s founding members are Dane Brown on drums, his brother Jason Brown on vocals, Luke McDonald on guitar and Sean Van Gennip on bass guitar. Sunk Loto signed a recording contract with Sony Music Australia when the members average age was 16 years. They released two studio albums, Big Picture Lies (13 October 2000) and Between Birth and Death (17 November 2003), both reached the ARIA Albums Chart top 50. The group disbanded in December 2007 & after a 15 year hiatus the original members have reformed the band in 2022. Sunk Loto formed as a heavy metal band, Messiah, in the Gold Coast, Queensland in March 1997 by Dane Brown on drums, his brother Jason Brown on lead vocals, Luke McDonald on guitar and Miles Matheson on bass guitar. Originally named Messiah, Jason Brown had met Luke McDonald at a local music store, Jason brought his younger brother Dane to practice sessions and McDonald’s school mate, Sean Van Gennip joined the band when Miles decided to part ways. Sean Van Gennip completed the new line-up. A year later they changed their name due to a London band of that name: Jason explained “we looked up Messiah in the dictionary and one of the meanings was ‘liberators of the oppressed’ so we took the first letter of each word to form LOTO and SUNK from the sinking of the first name.” Here are all of Sunk Loto albums ranked.

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2. Big Picture Lies

“Well Sunk Loto were basically kids when they wrote this album so they can be forgived for the Deftones and general nu-metal worship. The songs are often pretty boring but the band do show that they have potential with pretty good musicianship and good dynamics. Not the best album to listen to, it hasn’t exactly aged well which is a bad sign considering it was only released in ’99, but it does have som OK moments. This is rap metal cobined with nu-metal combined with alternative rock and it delivers less than stunning results. Luckily they came through a little less teeny-bopper-ish on the next album.”

1. Between Birth and Death

“This album is a giant leap forward from where their last effort was in terms of musicality and lyrics. The band have gotten a lot heavier, a lot more technical and a lot more varied. they play everything from nu-metal and hard rock (Everyhing Everyway, Starved) to technical metal ala Meshuggah (Help, Burning Bridges, Inside) and to alternative prog metal ala Tool (Soul Worn Thin). This album shits collectively on their first EP and album, its not perfect by any means as the material gets a little tired in the last third of the album, but most of the songs are satisfylingly heavy and catchy at the same time. Each member have become very talented on their instrument mastering some very technical riffs and time signatured, the drummer is the most notably improved with some very wild flair behind his kit, he has really mastered those foot pedals.”