Supergrass Songs Ranked

Supergrass is an English rock band formed in 1993 in Oxford. The band consists of brothers Gaz (guitar and lead vocals) and Rob Coombes (keyboards), Mick Quinn (bass and backing vocals), and Danny Goffey (drums and backing vocals). Originally a 3-piece, Gaz’s brother Rob Coombes officially joined the band in 2002. The band signed to Parlophone Records in 1994 and produced I Should Coco (1995), the best-selling debut album for the label since The Beatles’ Please Please Me. Their first album’s fourth single “Alright” was a huge international hit that established the band’s reputation. Since then the band has released five albums: In It for the Money (1997), Supergrass (1999), Life on Other Planets (2002), Road to Rouen (2005), and Diamond Hoo Ha (2008), as well as a decade-ending compilation called Supergrass Is 10 (2004). In August 2009 the band signed to Cooking Vinyl and began work on their seventh studio album Release the Drones. The album remained unreleased and unfinished as, on 12 April 2010, the band announced that they were splitting up due to musical and creative differences. The group disbanded after four farewell gigs, the final one at La Cigale, Paris on 11 June 2010. The band reformed in 2019, initially to perform at Pilton Party followed by a ‘secret gig at Oslo in Hackney, London. Here are all of Supergrass’ songs ranked.

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10. Grace (Life on Other Planets, 2002)

“This is a very good album, though a small step below it’s predecessor. The more I listen the more I like it. It’s pretty beatlesesque, not in a blatant rip off sort of way, but in a slight some songs are two songs sort of way.”

9. Rebel In You (Diamond Hoo Ha, 2008)

“Having a career spanning the better part of two decades, Supergrass is slowing down a little. Their influences and influence is clear in Diamond Hoo Ha, but it doesn’t seem like a very inspiring record. In a lot of ways its a great listen but not as memorable as what we’ve come to expect from Supergrass.”

8. St. Petersburg (Road to Rouen, 2005)

“This song is beautiful. It doesn’t sound as upbeat as the other Supergrass-Singles. It’s quite melancholic.  I can listen to this song all day on repeat and never get sick of it..”

Road To Rouen - Album by Supergrass | Spotify

7. Late In the Day (In It for the Money, 1997)

“A change of pace from Supergrass, a twilight-time lament for a long-distance love, it drifts in on “Space Oddity” chords before moving onto a chorus somewhere between “Oh You Pretty Things” and “Changes”. They maintain their prediction for strange keyboard sounds in the instrumental break and the song achieves a Floyd-like grandeur when the guitar kicks in.”

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6. Caught by the Fuzz (I Should Coco, 1995)

“As fun as it is claustrophobic, but instead of the two cancelling each other out, what comes out is a perfect representation of these very anxious situations you get yourself into sometimes as a carefree youth, and will end up laughing at a few months later, but not without internally shaking as you remember the sheer terror of it all.”

5. Richard III (In It for the Money, 1997)

“Another full-on blast of a single from Supergrass with pounding drums and raging guitars egged on by high-harmonies before they throw in a touch of “Twilight Zone” silliness with a spooky sci-fi instrumental.”

SUPERGRASS - In It for the Money - Music

4. Sun Hits the Sky (In It for the Money, 1997)

“Sure, Sun Hits The Sky isn’t Supergrass’s best single, but it’s still a damn strong track with great hooks and magnificent synth tones. However, it’s the b-side Smiths cover of Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others that push this single from a 3.5 rating to a 4/5 for me. I could care less if it was previously released on a compilation.”

3. Mansize Rooster (I Should Coco, 1995)

“You will not believe it when you start counting how many Supergrass singles that came from I Should Coco, the swaying groove that is “odd?” the one track you really should open your ears for, the floaty sound is a little out of the ordinary but it only proves how great a band like Supergrass was!”

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2. Alright (I Should Coco, 1995)

“It would be hard to write a better pop song than “Alright”, it has everything you could ever want from pop: GREAT hook, fun and chirpy music and singalong lyrics. I can listen to this over and over and never get tired of it. This puts every mainstream pop hit over the past few years to shame. They don’t make em like this anymore and that’s a shame.”

I Should Coco - Album by Supergrass | Spotify

1. Moving (Supergrass, 1999)

“Supergrass is a truly immense band, and one of the top bands of Britpop, and hardly anyone has commented on ANY of their songs!! I love this song though, it’s very breezy in parts then jumps into gear and is really strong.”