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Tad (often styled as TAD) was an American rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1988 by Tad Doyle. They are often recognized as one of the first bands of the grunge era. Led by Tad Doyle (born Thomas Andrew Doyle) on vocals and guitar, Tad was formed in early 1988 by Doyle, a drummer turned guitar player/singer, who asked bassist Kurt Danielson to play bass for the band. Danielson’s band Bundle of Hiss played with Doyle’s previous band (in which he played drums) H-Hour. Doyle recruited drummer Steve Wied (formerly of Skin Yard) and guitarist Gary Thorstensen to complete the original line-up. Tad was among the first bands to be signed to the independent label Sub Pop Records. In 1988, Doyle had released the “Daisy/Ritual Device” single on Sub Pop, produced by seminal Seattle producer Jack Endino, for which Doyle wrote and performed all the music. Tad’s debut album God’s Balls appeared in early 1989 and was also produced by Endino. In March 1990, the band released the Salt Lick EP, recorded by Steve Albini. It contained the song “Wood Goblins”, for which a music video was produced. After a European tour with Nirvana, Tad returned to Seattle and recorded their second album 8-Way Santa (1991), named after a type of blotter acid. Produced by Butch Vig, the album was far more pop-oriented than its predecessors, and featured the singles “Jinx” and “Jack Pepsi”. Here are all of Tad’s albums ranked.

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7. Quick And Dirty (2018)

Quick and Dirty by Tad (Album, Grunge): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song  list - Rate Your Music

The material hits all of the TAD tropes you’d want: hilarious lyrics, crushing, splintering riffs, stomp / start rhythms and catchy choruses. But where earlier efforts were sometimes samey or maybe too simple, Q,&D takes all of those tropes and works them into a frenzy of barbaric post-punk, er, noise rock – uh, I mean grunge!”

6. Live Alien Broadcasts (1994)

Live Alien Broadcasts - Tad | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

“I’ve always been a fan of TAD and this one didn’t disappoint either. It is a live recording so the sound quality is not polished but it gives it that ‘grunge feel’ and allows me to settle into some happy nostalgia. If you like early Nirvana recordings, you’ll love TAD.”

5. Infrared Riding Hood (1995)

Infrared Riding Hood by Tad (Album, Grunge): Reviews, Ratings, Credits,  Song list - Rate Your Music

“This ‘post-fame’ album is just awesome! Amazing to think they produced this considering what was going on personally within the band at the time. Huge crunching riffs – and ‘Dementia’ – easily one of my top 5 TAD tracks.”

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4. Salt Lick (1990)

Tad – Salt Lick (1990, CD) - Discogs

“TAD is such a heavy, melodic group. Love their sound and it’s relaxing in a sort of bludgeoning your mind with a hammer way. This is an amazing album. Can’t believe these guys didn’t become more well known.”

3. Inhaler (1993)

Tad – Inhaler (1993, CD) - Discogs

“Straight out one of the best recordings to come out in that time. Underrated for sure. This LP has a great mix and full drum sound that I love as well. Every song kick’s a$$ and will jack you up, great guitar leads as well. A Classic Forever.”

2. God’s Balls (1989)

Tad - God's Balls - Amazon.com Music

“It does not get better than this if you like late 80’s grunge before the major labels turned it into a fashion. Witty lyrics delivered with panache, crunching riffs and outstanding drumming, now spruced up with 21st century remastering techniques.”

1. 8-Way Santa (1991)

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“Tad is the perfect blend to my ears. Grunge and Heavy Metal combined is what best describes Tad, and I love it! 8-Way Santa is near perfect form of “Heavyness” and Grunge and it flat out kicks butt! 8-Way Santa isn’t for sissys or hippies, this is for big burly bearded guys and lumber jacks! Seriously, if your a fan of Grunge or Heavy Metal, or both, you have to listen to 8-Way Santa, you’ll thank me!”