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Talk Talk was an English band formed in 1981, led by Mark Hollis (vocals, guitar, piano), Lee Harris (drums), and Paul Webb (bass). The group achieved early chart success with the synth-pop singles “Talk Talk” (1982), “It’s My Life”, and “Such a Shame” (both 1984) before moving towards a more experimental approach in the mid-1980s,[5] pioneering what became known as post-rock. Talk Talk achieved widespread critical success in Europe and the UK with the singles “Life’s What You Make It” (1985) and “Living in Another World” (1986); in 1988, they released their fourth album Spirit of Eden, which was critically acclaimed yet failed to sell. Friction with the band’s label, EMI, resulted in legal action and countersuing. Webb departed, and the band switched to Polydor for their final studio album, 1991’s Laughing Stock, but split soon afterward. Singer Mark Hollis released one solo album in 1998 before retiring from the music industry; he died in 2019. The band’s founding bass player and drummer, Paul Webb and Lee Harris played in several bands together; long-term collaborator Tim Friese-Greene continued in the business as a musician and producer. Here are all of the Talk Talk songs ranked.

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10. Myrrhman (Laughing Stock, 1991)

“That very first chord is strummed with such sobering, moroseness that you’re instantly thrown into the strange and unsettling atmosphere that makes up this masterpiece. Really sets a tone and high-standard for the rest of the album.”

9. Talk Talk (The Party’s Over, 1982)

“I just want to capture that moment. I just want to capture that moment where you discover a song that you just know is going to define the next few weeks or months or decades for you. I can see myself listening to this, perched on the end of the bed, mouthing along to the lyrics like I really mean them. For just a moment, in that moment, I will control the world. This is the very first Talk Talk song I’ve listened to, and frankly, I don’t want to listen to another.”

8. Renee (It’s My Life, 1984)

“They are one of the most talented musicians of all times, and this track is a master piece in the 80′ 90′ today and forever!! Such a beautiful song and lyrics. Especiallý about the Ace. I love the Renee chorus.”

It's My Life - Album by Talk Talk | Spotify

7. Eden (Spirit of Eden, 1988)

“On “Eden”, an organ rise accompanied by a sharp guitar arpeggio and the powerful voice of Mark Hollis. The haunting rhythm starts and the voice of Mark Hollis is more calm than ever.”

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6. Taphead (Laughing Stock, 1991)

“Taphead is my absolute favourite of the album. It builds up a stunning atmosphere and has a beautiful morbid touch.. I`d love to walk through a grey winter day through Venice listening to this on headphones.”

5. Today (The Party’s Over, 1982)

“I listen to and listen to this otherworldly music, watch and watch these mesmerizing videos for over a year, and still love them like the first time. It’s amazing, nothing like this has ever happened to me.”

Talk Talk - The Party's Over | Releases | Discogs

4. Life’s What You Make It (The Colour of Spring, 1986)

“‘Life’s What You Make it’ bridged both worlds with its breathtaking etherealism and its early trip-hop beat striking a chord with some record buyers. Hollis’ quasi-chanting of the title’s truism somehow naturally equivocates from sounding upbeat to coming across as painfully sad. The introduction of the echoing guitar into the ambient groove enhances the depth of this track, as it slowly begins to dominate the soundscape within. Its an aural rush of superb melodic finesse overwhelming the senses, addictive in its simplicity, infective by its hidden complexity, effective through its entrancing ability.”

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3. It’s My Life (It’s My Life, 1984)

“The hook is great, but what fascinates me here is actually the verses, which are full of successfully atmospheric sound effects and production details not usually found in big pop hits, at least not anymore. Hollis also has the sense to keep his vocals fairly sparse during them, allowing the instruments more space to breathe and creating a real sense of patience. Calming, yet never remotely boring. A lovely song.”

2. The Rainbow (Spirit of Eden, 1988)

“I love this whole album and only listen with headphones on, this track just takes me to another place, the harmonica is the most amazing thing i have heard, every instrument is perfect and Marks voice so quiet but still so powerful”

Talk Talk - "Spirit of Eden" Turns 30 | Under The Radar Magazine

1. Such a Shame (It’s My Life, 1984)

“Such a Shame” is the biggest hit of Talk Talk in France; It peaked at #4. The intro is rather scary similar as a coming car crash with noisy and pathetic braking… The melody is haunting with Hollis’ voice deep. It’s one of the best hits in 1984.”