Tate McRae Songs Ranked

Tate Rosner McRae (born July 1, 2003) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and dancer. At the age of thirteen, she gained prominence as the first Canadian finalist on the American reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance. McRae caught the attention of RCA Records in 2019 after her original song “One Day” (2017) went viral on YouTube, subsequently releasing her debut EP, All the Things I Never Said (2020). McRae soon gained wider recognition after her song “You Broke Me First” became an international hit. In 2020, McRae was the youngest musician featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. In April 2021, McRae inked a deal with CCS Rights Management under their newly launched neighboring-rights division. On April 16, 2021, McRae released the track You alongside Regard and Troye Sivan.  Jason Lipshutz of Billboard remarked that the track has “one of the most straightforward but delectable choruses of 2021”. Here are all of Tate McRae’s songs ranked.

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10. That way (All the Things I Never Said, 2020)

“I feel like she deserves much more recognition than she has now because she has such an angelic voice but she can be edgy sometimes I just love it and love her, in my opinion, I wish she was as famous as Billie Eilish because both are just so talented”

9. Stupid (All the Things I Never Said, 2020)

“I literally cried so hard on this song. I’ve repeated it so many times but I still cried and shaken like the first time I heard it.”

8. Rubberband (Too Young to Be Sad, 2021)

“While listening to this i actually have a rubber band on my wrist. I also love this song! It’s one of the best songs I’ve ever heard and my BFF is literally obsessed with it.”

Tate McRae - TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

7. r u ok (Too Young to Be Sad, 2021)

“This sound like a continuation of “You broke me first” since in that song, she sang how she would always help fix shit up whenever he messed up and she has been waiting on her phone for the guy because while things hurt, she still misses and likes him. Even though she is broken, she still miss their memories.”

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6. slower (Too Young to Be Sad, 2021)

“I love how Tate has come such a long way from making songs with her piano that had those green stickers to her putting out new music with an amazing production team, I am so so proud of you Tate”

5. Bad Ones (Too Young to Be Sad, 2021)

“The lyrics are so relatable. someone can be so clearly fake without even hiding it and yet your love for them can be so real that it outmatches the fake. it’s genuinely scary because walking away from that person is so hard, no matter what they do. and piece by piece it takes your contentment and happiness away from you, tearing you down little by little.”

Tate McRae – all the things i never said EP | Ben's Beat – Music Reviews

4. You (You, 2021)

“I don’t normally say this but this song is so freaking satisfying. Like it’s been so long since I’ve heard a chorus as satisfying as this.”

3. all my friends are fake (All the Things I Never Said, 2020)

“When this song came out I was in my darkest chapter yet. I would put this on repeat, Currently, I am better, have some more friends. It got better for me. I hope it does for you too.”

2. lie to me (The Idea Of Her, 2021)

“Tate is so underrated, like she deserves way more recognition, she’s extremely talented like she can dance, sing, and even write her own songs.”

Tate McRae & Ali Gatie Release “Lie To Me” - RCA Records

1. you broke me first (you broke me first, 2020)

“You’re so beautiful don’t give up Tate!!! This song explains so many lives and inspires people to pay attention to who they love. I love this song and it is very soothing.”