Tegan and Sara Songs Ranked

Tegan and Sara are a Canadian indie pop band formed in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, composed of identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin (born September 19, 1980). Both musicians are songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. The pair have released nine studio albums and numerous EPs. The duo earned a Grammy nomination in 2012 for their DVD/live album Get Along. Their ninth album, Hey, I’m Just Like You, was released on September 27, 2019. Their memoir, High School, was released on September 24, 2019. Here are all of Tegan and Sara’s songs ranked.

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10. My Number (This Business of Art, 2000)

“Love it. Love them. It can’t be much longer before they really start garnering some serious attention in the States. They’ve released 2 really awesome pop albums that have been praised by critics and have plenty of cred thanks to their stellar debut and sophomore efforts. Add in the obvious hip factor and endearing live performances and you’ve got the makings of a hugely successful group. If that’s what they want it’s only a matter of time.”

9. Call It Off (The Con, 2007)

“Beautiful lyrics and great music as well. Some of the greatest harmonies you will hear as well as a very unique music video.”

8. Feel It in My Bones (Kaleidoscope, 2009)

“I remember being so obsessed with Tegan and Sara, and separately enjoyed Tiesto, so this combo was chef’s kiss. Takes me back to the late 00s/early 2010s, college years”

Heartthrob by Tegan and Sara | Album | Listen for Free on Myspace

7. Living Room (If It Was You, 2002)

“I love this song and I love Tegan and Sara. I know I’m probably wrong but when i heard this song i thought it was about a girl that is with a guy and knows he’s thinking about another girl. the girl he’s with doesn’t want to know or think about he another girl and what they did together.”

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6. I Was a Fool (Heartthrob, 2013)

“I love this song. Lyrics is awesome.. And in my opinion the best song from twins sister “tegan and sara” must listen.. You will surely love this..”

5. The Con (The Con, 2007)

“I was completely blown away by this album! Tegan and Sara have been on the fringes of the popular indie scene for some time, and this album brings them front and center. With an intriguing combination of pop sensibility, rock riffs, and clever lyrics, this is by far the group’s best music to date.”

The Con (album) - Wikipedia

4. Walking with a Ghost (So Jealous, 2004)

“Nice rhythm and interesting vocals, it’s repetitive chorus is catchy and it makes you want to sing with it. It’s rock-like and energetic with the playfulness of pop sounds.”

3. Now I’m All Messed Up (Heartthrob, 2013)

“One of her easier songs to decipher. Not bad either. However, if you’re a lyrics-type-of-girl (or guy), than you may have a problem with “Why do you exist all alone. When you could just talk to me?” No body exists “all alone” and it sounds as though she should call a hot line if all she wants is someone to talk with. Still a decent song. And at least it’s not as bad as Alex Clare’s hit So Close, which makes no sense whatsoever when it comes to real life and love. The person who posted first deciphered the lyrics beyond them needing additional comment to foster understanding.”

2. Closer (Heartthrob, 2013)

“It’s a staple of every alternative-but-not-actually-alternative radio station (see also: “Pompeii”, “Stressed Out”, “Midnight City”), but it’s one of those songs that actually warrants the overplay (see also: “Little Talks”, “Shake It Out”, “Midnight City” again). Basically perfect pop hooks, except instead of superstar producers they’re coming from a couple of Canadian lesbians. Good stuff.”

Tegan & Sara Sainthood US vinyl LP album (LP record) (636825)

1. How Come You Don’t Want Me (Heartthrob, 2013)

“One day, soon I won’t be the one who waits on you. So damn soon I won’t be the one who waits on you….I believe the lyrics are talking about March, April, May, or June when the sun is shining and the freedom bell rings….yes, the highs of summer. So why would anyone stick around (and online no less) for the inevitable.”