Temple of the Dog Albums Ranked

Temple of the Dog was an American rock supergroup that formed in Seattle, Washington in 1990. It was conceived by vocalist Chris Cornell of Soundgarden as a tribute to his friend, the late Andrew Wood, lead singer of the bands Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone. The lineup included Stone Gossard on rhythm guitar, Jeff Ament on bass guitar (both ex-members of Mother Love Bone and later Pearl Jam), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) on lead guitar, and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden and later Pearl Jam) on drums. Eddie Vedder appeared as a guest to provide some lead and backing vocals. The band released its only album, the self-titled Temple of the Dog, in April 1991 through A&M Records. The recording sessions took place in November and December 1990 at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Washington, with producer Rakesh “Rick” Parashar. Although earning praise from music critics at the time of its release, the album was not widely recognized until 1992, when Vedder, Ament, Gossard, and McCready had their breakthrough with Pearl Jam. Cameron would later join Pearl Jam, serving as a drummer since 1998. The band toured in 2016 in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their self-titled album. Here are all of Temple of the Dog albums ranked.

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1. Temple Of The Dog (1991)

“It touches on friendship, death, aftermath, survival..and manages to do it in the most beautiful, and meaningful of ways. You can feel the emotion, and it resonates with anyone who has lost a loved one. In places it has a loose, awkwardly thrown together feel, but it was recorded in two weeks so you kind of expect it. In a way, I’m thankful for that.”