Tesseract Albums Ranked

Tesseract (often stylized as TesseracT) is an English progressive metal band from Milton Keynes. The band, formed in 2003, consists of Daniel Tompkins (lead vocals), Alec “Acle” Kahney (lead guitar and producer), James Monteith (rhythm guitar), Amos Williams (bass, backing vocals), and Jay Postpones (drums, percussion). The band is currently signed to Kscope. They are credited as one of the bands to pioneer the djent movement in progressive metal. As of 2018, Tesseract has released four studio albums: One, Altered State, Polaris, and Sonder, as well as a live album, Odyssey/Scala, and the extended plays Concealing Fate, Perspective, and Errai. In 2020 Tesseract performed Portals, described as a “live cinematic experience” as a ticketed online stream. Drummer Jay Postpones was replaced by Mike Maylan (Monuments) for the event since Postpones chose to stay in Texas due to the necessary 2-week isolation from the coronavirus pandemic. Here are all of Tesseract’s albums ranked.

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5. Odyssey / Scala (2015)

Tesseract – Odyssey / Scala (2015, CD) - Discogs

“Technically a bunch of freaks with a stellar drummer & an engaging mix of prog & djent, with the Altered State material that shine for elegance & intricacy. But im still one of the few that consider the Ashe’s departure a great loss for the band… and the vocal performance, even if good & respectful, would have been even greater with him.”

4. Polaris (2015)

Polaris - Album by TesseracT | Spotify

“This one had to grow on me for a while. One and Altered State are undoubtedly superior, but i’ve come to really enjoy this album as wel. Their sound is just clean, crisp, emotional, hypnotizing and most importantly, it makes my head go up and down. The songs are atmospheric, sound big and the melodies are amazing. Throw in some fantastic singing and you’ve got a solid album.”

3. Sonder (2018)

Sonder - Album by TesseracT | Spotify

“Sonder may be the best djent album I’ve heard to date, and while that’s not saying a whole lot, it definitely is an excellent album in its own right, with an excellent mix of heavy, punishing guitar work, a great use of atmosphere, and some very powerful vocals. Fans of the band are sure to be pleased, and anyone like me who has previously found this genre to be a bit too rough on the ears to handle may be pleasantly surprised, this is a very nicely balanced album that certainly has some excellent melodic and calm portions, to go along with the expected intense bursts.”

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2. Altered State (2013)

Altered State Tesseract Djent Progressive Rock Album, PNG, 2084x2084px,  Altered State, Album, Area, Black, Black And

“Altered State is the music in some altered state – there are so many genres put together that the album ends up having no genre but sculptured into multidimensional art rock. It’s a conceptual wonder and sonic beauty presented in sharpened harmonies. “I’m a surrogate. I’m archetypal and itinerant. I’m your excuse to long, for a superior. I will undertake. I will overcome”. Altered State is some sort of musical philosophy.”

1. One (2011)

One by TesseracT (Album, Djent): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list -  Rate Your Music

“As expected, this is fantastic stuff. This album proves that the whole “djent” movement (progressive math metal or whatever you want to call it) has something good to offer. Cloudkicker offered something great with Beacons last year and I personally liked Periphery’s offering and I was eagerly awaiting this one from TesseracT since their awesome Concealing Fate EP. One does include the six parts of their Concealing Fate opus, along with other compositions, which are pretty much just as good.”