The Best Albums of 1992

Metallica’s success was followed by Megadeth’s Countdown to Extinction (1992) which hit number 2, Anthrax, Pantera, and Slayer cracked the top 10, and albums by regional bands such as Testament and Sepultura entered the top 100. Madonna’s Erotica was released in 1992 and became one of her most controversial releases. Dr. Dre’s 1992 album The Chronic provided a template for modern gangsta rap. Here are all of the 1992 albums ranked.

Relive the music of one of the most notable years of rock and roll. Click below and listen to the songs of the year 1992!

10. Down Colorful Hill (Red House Painters)

“Sadness becomes music in this truly emotional album by Red House Painters: they managed to take inspiration from previous works by other great solo core bands, such as Talk Talk or Slint, and converge their influences in a way that touches the heart and soul.”

9. Images And Words (Dream Theater)

“The musicianship is incredible, I can see why Dream Theater has such a devoted fan base. This is so fast and complex, there’s enough material for five albums here. It’s too fast for me, it feels like they are trying to play as fast as possible to cram so many ideas into the album’s run time.”

8. Little Earthquakes (Tori Amos)

“Little earthquakes, is one of the most spectacular and stunning albums ever. A, blue, for the nineties, every song is a masterpiece. Amos has no qualms about dealing with extremely dark subjects including domestic abuse in, silent all these years, and of course her own terrible rape ordeal in, me and a gun.”

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7. Angel Dust (Faith No More)

“Angel Dust, FNM’s magnum opus, is the strongest in its togetherness and consistency. You may find some better tracks on both King For a Day… and The Real Thing but the material on AD feels to be really connected, one track to another. Even though it’s not a concept album, you can feel the theatrical elements on nearly every track. Not a common rock/metal listen. And really enjoyable too.”

6. The Chronic (Dr. Dre)

“Brilliant g funk classic set the stage for the next 15 years of rap. a truly innovative funk-laden classic celebrating all the makes Cali great. Women Weed ad Weather. Still influencing hip hop over 25 years later. A true classic from the day it was issued. Introduced Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg to the masses.”

5. Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (Aphex Twin)

“Aphex Twin is one of the greatest legends in the history of electronic music. In the 90s, he created an innovative sound with “Selected Ambient Works”, a revolutionary album that is Today a classic. This album is the biggest pillar of electronic music, that’s for sure. In 1992, Richard D. James did not know that he was going to become one of the greatest and most original electronic composers. The electronic loops are smooth and very well composed. This creates a terrifying and relaxing atmosphere. The album also uses the sample as in The track “We are the music makers” which sample a tirade of the movie Charlie and the Chocolaterie. This album is a masterpiece!”

4. Dirt (Alice In Chains)

“This album is a fantastic portrayal of addiction and the workings of an addict’s mind. It does a fantastic job at showing (or reminding) you what it feels like. The album’s outlook is one whose life has been consumed by drugs and it shares with you the power and the consequences of that.”

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3. Slanted And Enchanted (Pavement)

“his for me was the perfect follow on from what Nirvana kicked the door open for, exactly what I needed anyways at the time. Some straight-up great songs, especially Here, they aren’t just relying on the attitude and sound, you could play many of these on an acoustic and they’d be good.”

2. Rage Against The Machine (Rage Against The Machine)

“Totally unique when this first came out. One of a kind. The killer tracks (‘Killing in the Name Of, Bullet in the Head, Fistful of Steel) are exactly that, an absolute killer. Some not so much as it’s a bit too similar sounding. But overall a well worthy addition to a collection. Original fury. Marvelous”

1. Automatic For The People (R.E.M.)

“For me this is R.E.M. A band that has some of the best lyricist in rock n’ roll, thanks to their ability to switch codes. They move around different genres creating a unique sound that cannot be identified as anything else but theirs.”