The Everly Brothers Albums Ranked

The Everly Brothers were an American country-influenced rock and roll duo, known for steel-string acoustic guitar playing and close harmony singing. Consisting of Isaac Donald “Don” Everly (born February 1, 1937) and Phillip “Phil” Jason Everly (January 19, 1939 – January 3, 2014), the duo was raised in a musical family, first appearing on the radio singing along with their father Ike Everly and mother Margaret Everly as “The Everly Family” in the 1940s. When the brothers were still in high school, they gained the attention of prominent Nashville musicians like Chet Atkins, who began to groom them for national attention. The group was highly influential on the music of the generation that followed it. Many of the top acts of the 1960s were heavily influenced by the close-harmony singing and acoustic guitar playing of the Everly Brothers, including the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Bee Gees, and Simon & Garfunkel. Rolling Stone ranked the Everly Brothers No. 1 on its list of the 20 Greatest Duos of All Time. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural class of 1986, and into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. Don was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2019, earning the organization’s first Iconic Riff Award for his distinctive rhythm guitar intro to the Everlys’ massive 1957 hit “Wake Up Little Susie”. Here are all of The Everly Brothers albums ranked.

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10. The Very Best Of The Everly Brothers (1963)

“The clarity, harmony and purity of their voices, the beauty of their music, and the fondest memories of times gone by surpass any measure of 99% of today’s “music!” I feel sorry for anyone who has not heard them! You just cannot duplicate talent like theirs! With the recent passing of Phil Everly, their presence together will be sorely missed! After all these years, this album is pure joy–and, may I mention, “Cathy’s Clown” has always been my favorite–used to love to skate to that at the local skating rink in KY.”

9. Both Sides Of An Evening (1961)

“BOTH SIDES OF AN EVENING, released in 1961, has actually aged well considering it was somewhat of a flop in ’61, due in no part to The Everly Brothers or their talent. Phil and Don were at the peak of their success after a run of hits with Cadence Records and the fully weighted support of Chet Atkins (who also plays guitar with them on this album). The Everly’s were the favorite group of Paul McCartney and a heavy influence on the budding Beatles at the time Lennon-McCartney were learning to write songs.”

8. The Everly Brothers’ Best (1959)

“Phil is gone, but the Everly brothers carry on–through this excellent compilation of their music. Great classic Everly brothers rock ‘n roll songs, both brash and quiet, and unsurpassed voices and harmonies. If you like the Everly brothers music, you’ll love this collection–I did! As Don says in the Albert Hall concert DVD (which is a must see for fans), rock ‘n roll is forever–especially Everly brothers rock ‘n roll.”

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7. Instant Party! (1962)

“This is great . A collection of songs you may have heard before and loved, but this collection is the Everly brothers and their voices bring something special to those songs, memories whatever you call them . For instance, THE WAYWARD WIND. I have the original by Gogi Grant. It is very good. But the Everly version is special. Definitely a good one to add to a collection.”

6. Roots (1968)

“”Roots” is a collection of popular and traditional country songs that Don and Phil nudge into rock territory with their brilliantly shimmering mountain harmonies that made them so much fun to listen to back in the early days of rock and roll. “Roots” is an organic composition that one needs to listen to whole, although each track is a strong performance on its’ own. The album opens with an unassuming homespun snippet from the Everly Family’s 1952 radio show that welcomes the listener in and away from the fighting that literally was taking place out on the streets of Chicago and elsewhere back in 1968.”

5. The Fabulous Style Of The Everly Brothers (1960)

“There are a number of rather obscure songs on this collection, but that doesn’t mean bad. The Everly Brothers had an incredible knack for turning mediocre material into memorable music, the kind that grows better each time it is heard. The Fabulous Style of the The Everly Brothers will do just that, grow on you until it becomes a part of you. A truly excellent album.”

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4. It’s Everly Time (1960)

“It’s Everly Time is an album by the rock and roll duo The Everly Brothers, released in 1960. It peaked at Number 9 on the Billboard Pop albums chart. It’s Everly Time was their first album on Warner Bros. after leaving the independent label Cadence. Recorded March 8-24, 1960. All songs written and composed by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, except as noted.”

3. Songs Our Daddy Taught Us (1958)

“The brothers were at the peak of their powers as singers and were very familiar with these songs and created an incredibly poignant work that is still eminently listenable today. The recent success of Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones, re-recording these same songs with a bit of instrumental updating is testimony to the quality of this “contract fulfiller.” This is simply a great album of classic country ballads, with a touch of blues as well.”

2. A Date With The Everly Brothers (1960)

“A Date with the Everly Brothers. Recorded March 18, 1960 & July 8-13, 1960. A Date with the Everly Brothers is an album by the rock and roll duo the Everly Brothers, released in 1960. It peaked at Number 9 on the Billboard Pop albums charts and reached No. 3 in the UK. The song “Love Hurts” appears here for the first time. It would subsequently be covered by numerous other artists. Other than the “Cathy’s Clown”/”Always It’s You” single, all of the tracks on A Date with the Everly Brothers were recorded in just four sessions during July 1960.”

1. The Everly Brothers (1958)

“The Ev’s first album is one of Rock’s great debuts and a starter point for both harmony Rock ‘n’ Roll and (what we now call) Country Rock. Shame the card sleeve of it just ends up looking ordinary when you would have wanted more for this most brilliant of beginnings. That said let’s get to the factoids and music”