The Killers Albums Ranked

The Killers are an American rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2001 by members Brandon Flowers (lead vocals, keyboards, bass) and Dave Keuning (lead guitar, backing vocals). Mark Stoermer (bass, rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (drums, percussion) completed the current lineup of the band in 2002. The band’s name is derived from a logo on the bass drum of a fictitious band portrayed in the music video for the New Order song “Crystal”. The band has released five consecutive chart-topping studio albums: Hot Fuss (2004), Sam’s Town (2006), Day & Age (2008), Battle Born (2012) and Wonderful Wonderful (2017). Here are The Killers albums ranked from worst to best.

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5. Battle Born (2012)

“After about 100 run throughs, I feel like I have a pretty solid feel for the songs in this album. First of all, I am a die hard Killers fan. There was a moment in my life where I listened to nothing but the Killers for 7 months straight. I love their first two albums, Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town, and a few of my favorite songs include “This River is Wild,” “For Reasons Unknown,” and “Andy You’re a Star.” When Day & Age came out, I liked it okay, but it was not exactly my cup of tea, and initially, as I reviewed this album, I felt even more disappointment, thinking that the Killers had abandoned their old sound completely. There were two songs in particular – “Here with Me” and “Be Still” – that drove me nuts. To me, the lyrics and music did not mesh well. I especially hated the verses, “Don’t want your picture on my cell phooooonnnnnneeeeee,” and “Don’t break… character.” The lyrics just did not seem to fit the music very well in my opinion.”

Overall, I think Battle Born is a success. It took me some time, but I absolutely love most of the songs on the album, and I sincerely believe it to be just as good as Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town. I hope the Killers continue their progression and will be looking forward to their next album.

4. Wonderful Wonderful (2017)

“Fantastic album. I love The Killers and preordered this as soon as I found out that it was coming out, and it was not a purchase I regret. Every single track on this album holds up for me; there’s not a single bad song. The only warning I’ll give to The Killers fans is that the overall vibe of the album is pretty different from previous ones, so don’t expect the upbeat pop-y Day and Age or super-produced almost club-ish Hot Fuss. This album has some elements of those but is much more stripped down comparatively, which is actually what makes me love it so much.”

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3. Day & Age (2008)

“If you know The Killers, you know that they’ve always been inventive, energetic, and focused. Hot Fuss introduced us to the dramatic, new-wave side of the band; and then Sam’s Town threw the whole thing in reverse with surprisingly raw rock and admirable depth in lyric.

Day & Age is really the best of both worlds – Melodic likability found throughout Hot Fuss, while channeling the creative chaos in the framework of Sam’s Town, including using some unusual instruments (i.e. harps).

Highlights like “Human,” “Spaceman,” “A Dustland Fairytale,” “Losing Touch,” and “This Is Your Life” comprise the flawless cornerstone of the album, while remaining tracks solidify that foundation with more memorable melodies and original arrangements.”

2. Sam’s Town (2006)

“Don’t listen to the critics. Any Killers fan will tell you that this album is sold GOLD (“It ain’t hard to hold, when it shines like gold, you’ll remember me”). Every single one of these songs are on My List of all-time favorite Killers songs. Every track is important, every track relies on both vocals and instruments, and that is one of the reasons I love this band so much. Each and every member of the band is represented in each song, and one of my favorite things to do is listen to each track a couple time, each time listening to a single part (guitar, bass, drums) to see how it helps make each song amazing. These guys really know how to write great lyrics (“The stars are burning like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun”) and equally amazing music to lift the lyrics into something beyond reality, it’s just so good. Admittedly, it took me about a week to really fall in love with each song (I used to skip over My List and This River is Wild in favor of Read My Mind or For Reasons Unknown), but like I said, each one of these songs became my absolute favorites. This is such a great album, and you know what? It’s my favorite over Hot Fuss. Hot Fuss has incredible tracks that rival most of the songs on this album, but Sam’s Town is the definition of a great album because of it’s ability to boast that each of its tracks are pieces of solid gold that come together in the most spectacular way. I hope that with their next album, The Killers will reuse a lot of the qualities found in Sam’s Town.”

1. Hot Fuss (2004)

“Hot Fuss is a hell of a record. The first 5 tracks off this sensational debut effort could easily be five tracks of a greatest hits album. This CD pretty much epitomizes the new wave rock of 2004. A perfect blend of synth pop, indie rock, glam, and dance all rolled up into one. This is most definitely one of the best albums of the 2000’s. There isn’t a bad track, in my opinion, and it’s one of those rare gems where you can play the entire album from front to back without just having a couple decent tracks to repeat. My favorite tracks are Jennie Was a Friend of Mine and All These Things I’ve Done, but I thoroughly enjoy all the others as well. Not just an incredible debut album, but a solid, top notch one in general. 5/5 stars.”