The Michael Schenker Group Songs Ranked

The Michael Schenker Group (often abbreviated as MSG) are an English guitar-oriented hard rock band, formed in London in 1979 by former Scorpions and UFO guitarist Michael Schenker. In 1986, Schenker and vocalist Robin McAuley formed the McAuley Schenker Group, which lasted until 1993. After that, in 1996 the Michael Schenker Group was reformed. The music is best described as mostly melodic hard rock with progressive undertones. Schenker is famous for his half-black, half-white Gibson Flying V electric guitar and for his unorthodox approach to lead guitar. He is sponsored by Dean Guitars and is well known in the neo-classical genre. Here are all of The Michael Schenker Band songs ranked.

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14. Rock Will Never Die (Rock Will Never Die, 1984)

“This is an brilliant moment in time, capturing the very best that MSG did in this short four year period before the band and their leader moved on to other projects. The quality of the songs here is second to none, and is a must for anyone who likes guitar-based hard rock and heavy metal with all the trimmings.”

13. Captain Nemo (Built to Destroy, 1983)

“More synths/keyboards are used here, making it sound more AOR-ish, but still does not disappoint, as Schenker delivers his axe-madness, especially with the instrumental “Captain Nemo”, which is just amazing!”

12. Rock My Nights Away (Built to Destroy, 1983)

“”Rock My Nights Away” is actually one of my favorite MSG songs of all time; however, the studio versions pale in comparison to live versions of this song. I detest Andy Nye’s keyboard sound on many of the “Built to Destroy” tracks, especially on “Rock My Nights Away!” I can’t help but wonder if Paul Raymond or perhaps Danny Peyronnel would have been better picks as keyboard players on this recording.”

11. Dancer (Assault Attack, 1982)

“While the melodic “Dancer”, from MSG’s Assault Attack album commanded modest radio attention, non-LP rocker, “Girl From Uptown”, boasts monster vocals from Graham Bonnet, as Michael Schenker’s fluid fretboard workout drives the long B-side track.”

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10. Rock You to the Ground (Assault Attack, 1982)

“Bonnett’s dramatic pipes and Schenker’s biting guitar tone and melodic, refined touch make for a winning combo as tracks like the turbo-charged title cut, sweaty grind of “Rock You to the Ground”

9. Assault Attack (Assault Attack, 1982)

“The quality of their work is starting to slip just a bit. Assault Attack is a very average platter. Truthfully, there is not much going on here. There is too much talent in this band to produce an album as boring as this one.”

8. On and On (MSG, 1981)

“There is the song called “On and On”, which used to be my favourite track back in my early teens (?) and listening to it still feels good. The intro of the song is excellent (should be a classic in its kind!) and naturally the chorus isn’t much worse. This one alone makes MSG somehow feel worthwhile.”

7. Attack of the Mad Axeman (MSG, 1981)

“Another excellent release of melodic hard rock/metal from MSG. The sound adds some keyboards and is a little more polished and mainstream sounding than the debut, but it’s just as good as the debut.”

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6. Looking for Love (MSG, 1981)

“They keep the best for the end, Looking for Love is the greatest song here and despite the title, is not a ballad at all.”

5. Victim of Illusion (The Michael Schenker Group, 1980)

“The performance of vocalist Gary J. Barden and the rest of the group, along with the remarkable production of Roger Glover create the perfect frame for Schenker’s writing and playing talents, as heard on “Victim of Illusion.”

4. Lost Horizons (The Michael Schenker Group, 1980)

“The record ends with the long, climactic powerhouse “Lost Horizons”, making up a melodic metal classic and an excellent debut, arguably the best Michael Schenker album ever. “Lost Horizons” for the most part channels the 1970’s method of songs that lengthen themselves beyond the norm with a freeform guitar extravaganza while the rest of the band plays on until it comes to a natural conclusion.”

3. Cry for the Nation (The Michael Schenker Group, 1980)

“Cry for the Nations” utilises the same visions, allowing Schenker’s guitar to explore its way through the song while Barden warbles on over the top.”

2. Into the Arena (The Michael Schenker Group, 1980)

“Into the Arena” on the other hand is much more hard rock, with Schenker taking control of the track and letting his guitar do the talking, while allowing the keyboards to duel along the way. Great stuff, and one that has stood the test of time.”

1. Armed and Ready (The Michael Schenker Group, 1980)

“The ready-made classic “Armed and Ready” opens up the album, setting off on the right foot. With the right mix of sing-along lyrics, guitar, drums and keyboard, this has the perfect beat to draw you into the album, while still allowing Schenker to show off his skills through the middle of the songs.”