The Outsiders Songs Ranked

The Outsiders is the fourth studio album by American country music artist Eric Church. It was released on February 11, 2014, via EMI Nashville. Like all of his previous albums, it is produced by Jay Joyce. It was before the release that Church received media attention for saying “I think genres are dead.” This comment irked certain news outlets. The album received critical acclaim, and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums chart, with sales of 288,000 in its first week of release. It was the best-selling country album of 2014 in the United States. Here are all of The Outsiders songs ranked.

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10. A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young

A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young is an interesting take on a slow country song. As opposed to being sad and grateful, it is a man in his thirties asking how the woman ended up with him. It is a former rowdy boy looking back in wonder. The contrast to the title song is amazing.”

9. Give Me Back My Hometown

“Give Me Back My Hometown echoes the country sentiment of small town pride. It is unusual unlike songds like Daddy Won’t Sell the Farm in that it takes a fresh unique approach”

Eric Church, 'The Outsiders' - Weekend

8. Dark Side

“Another song that I particularly liked is Dark Side. Here Church spells out another great truth. We are all a ‘cross’ between spirit and beast, yet those in power would have us deny our beast side at all cost. Church recognizes his dark side and because he claims it, he can both control it and use it when he needs to.”

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7. Roller Coaster Ride

“Roller Coaster Ride is a solid song, it feels very much like a classic Eric Church song. Not a single, more of a filler, but still alright. If you are buying individual songs, just skip this one.”

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6. That’s Damn Rock & Roll

“That’s Damn Rock & Roll gets back to the title track. It is a heavy rockish track that plays out as Eric Church’s commentary on what music is and is not”

5. The Outsiders

“It opens with Outsiders. The title track has a rock feel to it and sets the tone for the entire album. We are a different breed. It is a suedo country anthem feeling”

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4. Broke Record

“Broke Record feels like a harder version of Roller Coaster Ride and is a bit more catchy. It could have easily been the only song of the two on the album. Country music is the new pop-rock of our age, but there’s been a little too much pop, and not enough rebellious rock.”

3. Like a Wrecking Ball

“Like A Wrecking Ball”, about a guy getting off the road and is horny as hell, Eric can write better songs than this. Like a Wrecking Ball is a bluesy country song, that is well…..about getting it on and loving your woman. It is shockingly sweet though.”

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2. Cold One

 Cold One is my other favorite song on the album because it is such a fun song, but what makes the album interesting are the dark notes as well. Cold One is a typical country song about a woman leaving in the summer. It is creative though in the chorus and actually slightly refreshing.

1. Talladega

“Talladega is fantastic. It is a somewhat slow song reflecting on a trip after graduating from school. It is easy to relate to, and honestly could be a country classic.’