The Regrettes Songs Ranked

The Regrettes is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles. The band is led by frontwoman Lydia Night. They released their debut studio album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, on Warner Bros. Records in January 2017. The Regrettes’ musical style has been labeled as punk rock, riot grrrl, garage pop, and garage punk, featuring elements of garage rock, ’60s doo-wop and surf music, rockabilly,  and pop music. Michael Bialas, a writer at PopMatters described their sound as “girl-group power-pop-punk” In an article by Culture Collide, their style was described as “Channeling classic doo-wop through a catchy garage-punk filter” and as bringing “a level of impassioned aggression to tried-and-true pop structures, creating a compelling product with significant crossover appeal.” Here are all of The Regrettes songs ranked.

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8. I Love Us (I Love Us, 2020)

“A complete about-face from what was on their last album. Trading in big pop punky vibes for an arguably trip-hop-esque wave. If this is a sign of things to come from a new album, consider me intrigued. If this is a one-off single, it might’ve been better reserved for a solo project.”

7. Dress Up (How Do You Love?, 2019)

“They have an amazing 90s/early thousands girl band sound, but a little less grungy and a little more polished. Great for car rides, dinner music, cleaning the house, etc. highly recommend”

6. A Living Human Girl (Feel Your Feelings Fool!, 2017)

“There isn’t a weak track on this album. They are all excellent. I have heard that the group don’t like to be labelled as punk which is understandable because although many of the tracks have a punk feel to them, I don’t think you could claim they are solely influenced by punk due to a suitable helping of regular rock tracks. These guys have got talent. Serious talent.”

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5. Hey Now (Feel Your Feelings Fool!, 2017)

“I’m not a woman or a girl, but having heard this album, I feel prepared to make a good one if needed. This is just a hell of an album. Good punk is ironic (but not detached), and this is the stuff. There are other post-punkers out there, but they’re just ranting or, at best, venting. Also, I want a piece of that cake, please.”

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4. Seashore (Feel Your Feelings Fool!, 2017)

“Very talented young band, the lead singer has a real presence, and the lead guitarist can really lay out some good riffs. Some great original tunes, glad to see young musicians still keeping it on.”

3. Pumpkin (How Do You Love?, 2019)

“Hi energy , fun music by VERY young people trying to make a statement. “Punkish” theme in today’s world. Wish them the best, not just music , but entertainment! Recommend.”

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2. California Friends (How Do You Love?, 2019)

“We don’t see many girls doing rock but I’m so glad this Lydia Night has came along. As a lad I thought I wouldn’t like songs with feminine subjects but it’s clear with such a passionate and punchy vocalist, exceptional drums that you can kick along to and a versatile and creative guitarist who is way too sexy this band can attract tons of people from different backgrounds and genders, keep doing this and you’ll be big in no time.”

1. I Dare You (How Do You Love?, 2019)

“This is the song that introduced me to this band and i immediately got Paramore vibes so I’ve been binge watching other music from this band and I literally haven’t found anything I don’t like. It’s all phenomenal.”