The Romantics Songs Ranked

The Romantics are an American rock band, often put under the banner of power pop and new wave, formed in 1977 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. The band’s first show was on Valentine’s Day at My Fair Lady Club, in Detroit, opening for the New MC5 in 1977. They were influenced by 1950s American rock and roll, Detroit’s MC5, the Stooges, early Bob Seger, Motown R&B, 1960s North American garage rock as well as the British Invasion rockers.
The Romantics achieved popularity in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and Australia on the strength of the band’s well-crafted pop songs, high energy shows, and their look: from black vinyl to red leather suits in their music videos, inspired by the Motown artists The Temptations and the Four Tops.  Their two best-charting songs were “What I Like About You”, which peaked at #49 in the US and #2 in Australia, and “Talking in Your Sleep”, which peaked at #3 in the US, #1 in Canada, and #14 in Australia. The two have since become mainstays on ’80s, classic rock, AOR, and active rock radio stations. Their debut album, released on January 4, 1980 in the UK, has the distinction of being the first record to be released of that decade. Here are all of The Romantics songs ranked.

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20. Got Me Where You Want Me (In Heat, 1983)

“One of the most real songs I’ve heard. Their most hit song is incredible to see how is it low on the list when is one of the catchiest songs in the whole world of music”

19. Tomboy (National Breakout, 1980)

“This song gotta be it first since it’s too damn hard to forget it with the time. very catchy and great sung by this guys, simply memorable”

18. Open Up Your Door (In Heat, 1983)

“I get this one, I think it sounds very decent compared to other mediocre songs here! This is my kind of classic songs from the 80s style. I cannot get tired of this good song.”

17. Hung on You (The Romantics,1980)

“A great example of when the songs are good, simple production is all you need. Sounds like the guys simply walked in the studio, plugged into the amps, and let it rip. A power-pop staple!”

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16. Test Of Time (Rhythm Romance, 1985)

“I like everything about this song, it so damn perfect as always I were waiting for a song like this.. and yeah this is probably the best song by this band (even if the band ain’t that famous man) I love this one. I just love it”

15. I’m Hip (In Heat, 1983)

“This is by far one of the most memorable songs which seems like a 70’s songs (because the vibe of the song) even if it’s an 80s song (”originally”) I wanna see this song at first since it’s now one of my favorite songs in my life. Just wonderful!”

14. Don’t You Put Me on Hold (Strictly Personal, 1981)

“Interesting song, it one of the best. This song has very catchy riffs and that vocals just done all the job. One of my favorite songs in rock.”

13. No One Like You (Strictly Personal, 1981)

“So fantastic song, it puts so beautiful thoughts on my mind. this song is like fall in love with the girl of your dreams- (a truly fantasy)”

12. First In Line (The Romantics, 1980)

“The melody is okay, it is mostly the singing and backing choir that sounds pretty annoying to me. The song is pretty lightweight, and it has a pretty weak guitar solo in it, as well as an harmonic solo. Sounds pretty corn as well, and the nice melody is not enough for me to enjoy this song.”

11. Forever Yours (National Breakout, 1980)

“This song will kept in my heart forever. Such a timeless ballad, I remember when me and my wife spend good moments dancing this beautiful ballad, now after years I can even still feeling the same as years ago.”

10. Keep in Touch (The Romantics, 1980)

“Not a great track but still the most decent real song on this list. This song is to dance and keep the relaxing vibes man. This song should enter the top 5 it’s one of the most danceable songs to me.”

9. One In a Million (In Heat, 1983)

“It’s more “normal” than their biggest hit, and strangely a much smaller hit.  Maybe I wouldn’t like this as much had it been a smasheroonie – perhaps I’d still be sick to death of it.  As it is, it’s still a good listen.”

8. Spend a Little Love on Me (Strictly Personal, 1981)

“The best love song from 80’s I’m pretty sure about it One of my favorite songs. this is the greatest song on the greatest album by them.”

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7. When I Look In Your Eyes (The Romantics, 1980)

“Not a really perfect song but is probably Romantic’s best! I noticed the lyrics are more innocent and “romantic”, as opposed to the more testosterone driven songs I remember from my teenage days listening to this.”

6. Tell It to Carrie (The Romantics, 1980)

“This is the best song for one of their initial album. I wouldn’t call this song a piece of art but is definitely the best ”The Romantics” song ever to me… and also one of the greatest Power Pop ballads too.”

5. Rock You Up (In Heat, 1983)

“This is actually a really good and romantic song, I appreciate this kind of oldies. I liked this song quite a bit when it was a hit, but it sort of grates on my ears today.  The guitar interplay is interesting, although if I pay too close attention, I start noticing how the entire song is just a couple licks played over and over and over.”

4. She’s Got Everything (The Romantics, 1980)

“This song is a lot better than Rock You Up which is one of the most lame and boring songs I’ve heard from the Romantics … This is a perfect and entertaining song and it’s brilliant .”

3. Night Like This (National Breakout, 1980)

“This is song is one of my favorites of all time it’s just catchy with well put lyrics on the effort by these guys during then recording this. This song gotta be it first since it’s too damn hard to forget it with time. very catchy and great sung by these guys, simply memorable”

2. What I Like About You (The Romantics, 1980)

“The Romantics, so named because they formed on Valentine’s Day 1977 in Detroit, have had only two US Top 40 hits – and this, now their best-known song, wasn’t one of them. It attracted little attention and was only a minor hit when first released in 1980 on their debut album, but found new life later in the decade when it became a popular choice for an advertising jingle, particularly for Budweiser beer. Since then the song has also become a fixture at sporting events, bars and nightclubs, and parties and celebrations of all kinds, and has taken its place as one of the most popular rock anthems of all time.”

1. Talking In Your Sleep (In Heat, 1983)

“”Talking In Your Sleep” is the biggest hit of The Romantics’ career. In fact, it’s their only Top-10 hit, and only one other song by them (“One in a Million”) even made it to the Top 40. Contrast that with the number of times you’ve heard The Romantics’ “What I Like About You”, which only made it to #49. Written by the band, this singer learns his lover’s secrets when she reveals them in her sleep. Luckily for the guy, she says lots of nice things about him.’