The Troggs Songs Ranked

The Troggs (originally called The Troglodytes) is an English garage rock band formed in Andover, Hampshire in May 1964. They had a number of hits in the United Kingdom and the United States. Their most famous songs include the US chart-topper “Wild Thing”, “With a Girl Like You” and “Love Is All Around”, all of which sold over 1 million copies and were awarded gold discs. “Wild Thing” is ranked #257 on the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and was an influence on garage rock and punk rock. The Troggs are widely seen as a highly influential band whose sound was an inspiration for garage rock and punk rock. Influential American critic Lester Bangs “called the band the progenitors of punk”, according to NPR. For example, the Troggs influenced artists such as Iggy Pop,  and the early version of British pop-punk pioneers Buzzcocks featured “I Can’t Control Myself” in their live repertoire. Here are all of The Troggs songs ranked.

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13. Surprise, Surprise (I Need You) (Cellophane / Mixed Bag, 1968)

“Follow up to their last British hit “Little Girl” in 1968. A great unrestrained rocker which should have been a big hit! Still it is a great song to listen to”

12. Lost Girl (From Nowhere, 1966)

“While “Lost Girl” obviously lacks the direct punch of “Wild Thing” (as well as being raided for the b-side of “Wild Thing”, “From Home”), the Troggs’ debut single has a lot going for it. The guitar solo is a complete, inexpert riot. And they were doing this in Hampshire!? Easily overlooked, not easily forgotten.”

11. From Home (From Nowhere, 1966)

“Great and classic garage track, but I like the b-side “From Home” just a little bit better. It’s a great and dark sounding garage/psych track with some killer fuzz”

10. Night of the Long Grass (From Nowhere, 1966)

“THE TROGGS get psychedelic.  This isn’t the best single they ever released but every band had to have a go at the psychedelic thing at this time.”

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9. Feeling for Love (The Trogg Tapes, 1976)

“Pretty good garage rock song, filled with energy. The riff sure does sound similar though, i guess tis just the youth spirit working across different generations.”

8. Don’t You Know (Athens Andover, 1992)

“Reg Presley’s vocals are as good as ever, and the production beats anything the Troggs have recorded before. With Pete Buck, Mick Mills, Bill Berry, Peter Holsapple to help the Troggs the musicianship is top-notch.”

7. Evil Woman (Archeology (1966-1976), 1992)

“Hard rocking version of the Larry Weiss song made famous but probably recorded later in 1969 by Spooky Tooth (on the legendary Spooky Two album). In contrast the flipside is a quite shallow pop song.”

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6. Good Vibrations (Troggs, 1975)

“The Troggs were hailed for their “primitive and basic approach” to rock music, some even dubbing them “punk,” but many of these songs also show that the band had a knack for writing melodic tunes too. In that sense, there are some really satisfying musical surprise on this collection.”

5. Any Way That You Want Me (Love Is All Around, 1968)

“The Troggs were not rated as top superstars back in the 60s but did make a classic worldwide hit with Wild Thing. only one or two other minor hits such as love are all around worth listening to but at the bargain price it’s worth a punt.”

4. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Live At Max’s Kansas City, 1981)

“This takes me back to my teenage years in the sixties when the music was able to be heard and you could understand all of the lyrics which always had a story.”

3. With a Girl Like You (From Nowhere, 1966)

“I love Presley’s vocals, they’ve got that distinctive edge to them. The Troggs really knew how to make good pop songs injected with that bit of Garage. That ‘ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba’ is catchy as hell, but the general rhythm and melody of the song rocks. That guitar riff complements the vocals perfectly and the whole thing just has a great heavy sound to it, considering it’s quite a throwback song to the pop of the 1950’s. Lovely. It’s simple but effective.”

2. Love is All Around (Cellophane, 1967)

“If it is, that’s a wise thing.  While their other hit may have the catchy riffs and everything, it smells of one-hit wonder.  “Love Is All Around”, however, is something different.  A bit like the Byrds, but with a British feel.  Instantly hummable, memorable (and not too saccharine) lyrics and, best of all, proof that they weren’t a one-note band.”

1. Wild Thing (From Nowhere, 1966)

“Recorded in 1966 by The Troggs, “Wild Thing” defines raw I-IV-V garage riff rock, and served as an inspiration for the rise of the punk rock scene. Penned by Chris Taylor, “Wild Thing” topped the Billboard singles chart in July of ’66, although the group formerly known as The Troglodytes, didn’t undertake a tour of the states until two years following the release of the number one hit. “Wild Thing” took but two takes to record by the young English group, which was laid down at Olympic Studios in London. Although “Wild Thing” failed go number one in the U.K., stalling at the two spot, The Troggs rode “With a Girl Like You” to the peak of the English chart.”