The Weeknd Songs Ranked

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (born February 16, 1990), known professionally as the Weeknd, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Noted for his versatility in vocal style, music production, and eccentric presentation, the Weeknd is often cited as an influence on contemporary music, as well as by other artists. Among the world’s best-selling music artists with over 75 million records sold, the Weeknd has won three Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, nine Billboard Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, and nine Juno Awards, and has been nominated for an Academy Award. He holds several chart records, being the first artist to simultaneously hold the top three positions on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart with “Can’t Feel My Face”, “Earned It”, and “The Hills”. He was awarded the Allan Slaight Award by Canada’s Walk of Fame. Here are all of The Weeknd’s songs ranked.

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20. The Knowing (House of Balloons, 2011)

“The story telling, the video, the passion, all amazing. If this was a later more known work of his, no doubt it would be higher. Definitely a pyre diamond buried under the sheer excellence of “House of Balloons”.

19. The Zone (Thursday, 2011)

“Abel has legit made me go through stages. From wanna have meaningless sex to drugs to cocaine to being irrevocably in love to being wanna extremely successful to being addicted to the pain of a heartbreak. All of it.”

18. Pray for Me (Black Panther, 2018)

“”Pray For Me” features two of the best new school hip-hop artists rapping and singing in their comfort zone. What more can I ask for? Even though Abel and Kendrick have to censor themselves (this was featured in a Disney movie), their lyricism is still poetic, especially in Kendrick Lamar’s verse. Both of them sell themselves effectively as distraught heroes; in the chorus of the song, Abel desperately inquires into who will be there to protect him at a time in which he can’t even save himself.”

The Weeknd Announces New Compilation The Highlights | Pitchfork

17. Elastic Heart (Girls of Pop, 2015)

“This is one of my favorite tracks of all time. I am so glad they included it on The Hunger Games soundtrack; it fits perfectly with the concept of the movie. The theme is a break-up, girl-power song…. but very unique. I run and exercise to this song, and sometimes listen when I need to bump up my self confidence. It’s motivating. I can’t believe that I had never discovered Sia before hearing this track! I’ve been missing out for a while……. “Chandelier” may be popular, but I think that many another songs on her soundtracks could be chart-topping hits as well. One downfall is the music video for this song, and the one from “Chandelier”. They are semi-disturbing, and I haven’t been able to understand the significance of the videos.”

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16. Tears In the Rain (Kiss Land, 2013)

“Tears in the rain is a beautiful song from Abel. It should get more attention. Listen to the lyrics and I promise you will love it. If you’re an XO fan like me, you should already love every song by Abel.”

15. Often (Beauty Behind the Madness, 2015)

“One of his more famous works, with a catchy chorus and innovative lyrics This shows how good of a songwriter the weekend was. I love the moody dark sexual vibe. dope song. to be honest.”

Universal Music - The Weeknd : My Dear Melancholy, | Shopee Malaysia

14. Reminder (Starboy, 2016)

“I’m consistently impressed by The Weeknd’s ability to set the mood so effectively in every single one of his songs because the chilled-out sound of this song forces the point home. His voice is borderline whispery and soothing. He really wants you to understand that he doesn’t care what you or anyone may think about his music, his direction, or his lifestyle. All that matters is that you know him, he’s still just as much of a self-indulgent hedonist as he was before anyone knew him, and he’s having the time of his life.”

13. High for This (House of Balloons, 2011)

“Greatest opener to an album/mixtape ever. Not only is it relevant to the storyline and incredibly immersive, but listeners feel that Abel is singing to them about his music and his music career as well. As of 2018, we still can’t expect what is in store music wise from him.”

12. Twenty Eight (House of Balloons, 2011)

“He pours his heart out in this, amazing song. My favorite by him, he’s an amazing singer. This song serves as a metaphor for his success, and features some of his best singing yet.”

The Weeknd - THURSDAY

11. The Morning (House of Balloons, 2011)

“One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. The gorgeous guitar instrumental along with Abel’s incredible vocals and phenomenal bass lines comes together to create a wonderfully serene production.”

10. Call Out My Name (My Dear Melancholy,, 2018)

“The Weeknd’s vocals are so deliciously haunting. He has one of those brooding voices that practically drips with sensuality. I have to say, though, that since this came out around the same time that I kept hearing about “Call Me By Your Name” in every entertainment blog, I heavily associate the two, even though this song has nothing to do with that film.”

9. Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 2015)

“The Weeknd actually turned a 50 Shades song into something as catchy as hell with stellar production, This is the most erotic song I have ever heard…”

Starboy (song) - Wikipedia

8. House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls (House of Balloons, 2011)

“Love it when the beat transitions into Glass Table Girls. It sounds so dark and creepy with Abel’s deeper vocals and lyrics. Greatest banger of all time with the dark lyrics that make him great.”

7. Blinding Lights (The Highlights, 2021)

“This song sounds a lot like what Abel could’ve put in Kiss Land, what with the song being a blatant 80’s synthpop throwback. The difference is that Kiss Land has a pretty negative energy to it, and this is purely positive. And that makes it better than, like, 80% of that album. My only complaint is that the hook could’ve been better structured lyrically, but otherwise this is catchy as HELL, would love to see this get successful.”

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6. In the Night (Beauty Behind the Madness, 2015)

“Nearly flawless, it’s easily the best song outside of his early mixtapes. The beat and rythym echoing that of everybody wants to rule the world, the thumping and wavering bass line that gives it a personal Jesus vibe, and the gentle synths reminiscent of frank ocean’s nights in the hook that are followed by a dramatic synth breakdown similar to bad-era Michael Jackson, all alongside occasional pianos throughout the verses. Paired with excellent vocals that croon over the production; the song’s strongest suit, however, is easily the lyrics. They tell a story about a teenage girl who is physically and sexually abused by her father, and forced into stripping and sex in order to make money for her struggling family. And that is why this song is arguably one of the best songs The Weeknd has ever recorded.”

Review of “After Hours” by The Weeknd – Royal Courier

5. Can’t Feel My Face (Beauty Behind the Madness, 2015)

“This song is easily The Weeknd’s best song and I’m not sure if he’ll ever make a song as good as it. His singing, the amazing lyrics, the production, it’s so amazing. It’s like Michael Jackson. His singing sounds like Michael, he says ooh before the hook, and he spins and gets on fire in the video”

4. Starboy (Starboy, 2016)

“This is easily his best song. The beat is phenomenal, the flow is amazing, and is extremely catchy. This is the only one of his songs that never seems to get old.”

3. I Feel It Coming (Starboy, 2016)

“Pop music has always been a strange beast to those who ventured beyond the radio to investigate their favorite art form. I’m fascinated by the road many take, eventually coming full circle, once despising the mainstream culture they honored when they were younger, till they accept catchy Pop again for the delicious feelings it harbors. Recently, I’ve hit that stage, finding power in works by Beyonce, Drake, and The Weeknd. It’s the last one though, with his final song on the audacious Starboy, that Pop music hit a new plateau. There hasn’t been enough time for it to rest, but I firmly believe ‘I Feel It Coming’ may go down as one of the greatest examples of Pop music ever created. Like how many music-seekers latched onto Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe,’ I latch on to the endlessly entertaining ‘I Feel It Coming,’ thanks entirely to Daft Punk’s simple, but effective production, and The Weeknd’s scrumptious vocals.”

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2. Wicked Games (House of Balloons, 2011)

“The production is spacious, atmospheric, and almost somber. The lyrics are about regretting your past and looking for love at the lowest point of your life. The multitracking on the vocals in the chorus are outstanding, and the guitar in the background is beautiful. An overall amazing song, and definitely The Weeknd’s best song.”

1. The Hills (Beauty Behind the Madness, 2015)

“This song is incredible. It is dark, gloomy, and honest in all the right ways. Some might criticize the heavy use of autotune in the chorus, but I found that usage very fitting for such a dark track. The hills are madness. Just can’t get enough. Weeknd rose to another level with this hit.”