Theory Of A Deadman Albums Ranked

Theory of a Deadman (abbreviated as Theory or TOAD) is a Canadian rock band from North Delta, British Columbia. Formed in 1999, the band is currently signed to Roadrunner Records as well as 604 Records. The band includes traits of music styles, such as country and acoustic, in addition to their post-grunge and alternative rock foundation. Nine of their singles have entered the top ten of the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, including four songs that peaked at number one: “Bad Girlfriend”, “Lowlife”, “Rx (Medicate)” and “History of Violence”. The theory of a Deadman’s music style has generally been regarded as post-grunge, hard rock, alternative rock,  alternative metal, and pop-rock. The band also uses a mix of country, pop, and acoustic elements in their sound. Here are all of Theory Of A Deadman’s albums ranked.

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7. Wake Up Call (2017)

Theory - Wake Up Call Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“I know it’s different but that’s what’s good it’s not a copy of previous albums and I love this album as much as all the rest. You have to not compare. Its his Art and music and I love his voice! This band ties being in my #1 spot with my other favorite band Avenged Sevenfold. I could listen to all their albums over and over!”

6. Theory Of A Deadman (2002)

Theory Of A Deadman (CD)

“I first heard of Theory of a Deadman from the first single off their follow up release to this album “Surprise”. I like the song so much I decided to go buy it. I assumed that they only had one album out at the time and so I didn’t even check when I bought this album instead of the next on accident. But boy am I glad I did. This album has some really great songs on it and I have grown to enjoy it more than Gasoline. In fact I can’t really complain about any song on the entire album nor can I choose a favorite. While Gasoline contains my favorite overall songs by the band, this album is a constant in its greatness.”

5. Say Nothing (2020)

Say Nothing - Album by Theory of a Deadman | Spotify

“I’ve followed Theory of a Deadman from the beginning. And this album is a drastic change from there first 4 albums. I did enjoy there last album wake up call. And this Album just continues on from that album just more in depth with the world. The lyrics are great. I enjoyed listing to this album as well. So if you like change in a band then enjoy this album. I don’t mind change in a band . It shows growth and not stuck in the same old music rut.”

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4. Savages (2014)

Savages - Album by Theory of a Deadman | Spotify

“This is a decent Theory album. It has a new edge to it, not previously on other Deadman albums. There are still a few songs of the usual style. “Angel” is a nice ballad. But “Savages” and a couple others have a nice metal edge. Alice Cooper guest singing was a nice surprise. It does grow on you. Give it a chance.”

3. Scars And Souvenirs (2008)

Scars & Souvenirs - Album by Theory of a Deadman | Spotify

“The Canadian rock band pulls out of the studio with a true masterpiece in both sound, melody, and lyrics. The deep overall sound this CD outputs is very memorable, and will have anyone listening to it singing along after the first few listens. Going from sad, love songs to songs about road trips and how naughty a girl can get, you’ll be head bobbing to each song, as well as appreciating it 100%.”

2. Gasoline (2005)

Theory Of A Deadman – Gasoline (2005, CD) - Discogs

“This album is solid, straight-forward rock. _Gasoline_ is a great mix of classic rock, modern hard rock, and post-grunge. Although some of the lyrics aren’t the happiest, the music is just real fun, upbeat stuff. My big complaint is that at some times it sounds too much like Nickelback. Nothing too complex here, as exemplified by my short review.”

1. The Truth Is… (2011)

The Truth Is... (Theory of a Deadman album) - Wikipedia

“This is an absolute fabulous way to spend some time laughing and singing along to some great music! I am a TOAD fan and had high hopes for this album; they exceeded my expectations! A good selection of rock music. Some humour, some straight forward , everyday subjects but all great music to listen to.”