Thy Art is Murder Albums Ranked

Thy Art Is Murder is an Australian deathcore band from Blacktown, Sydney, that formed in 2006. The band consists of vocalist Chris “CJ” McMahon, guitarists Sean Delander and Andy Marsh, drummer Jesse Beahler and bassist Kevin Butler. Thy Art Is Murder has released five studio albums since its formation. Their 2008 EP Infinite Death, reached position no. 10 on the AIR Charts upon release, and their second full-length album Hate debuted at no. 35 on the ARIA Charts, making them the first extreme metal band to ever reach the Top 40 of this chart. The album also reached no. 1 on AIR and both no. 2 and no. 4 respectively on the US and Canadian iTunes metal charts on its week of release. The band’s following albums Holy War (June 2015) and Dear Desolation (August 2017) charted on US Billboard 200. Human Target was released in July 2019. Here are all of Thy Art is Murder albums ranked.

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5. Hate (2012)

Thy Art is Murder - Hate Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“CJ’s unclean vocals are aggressive and articulate, more centred around the low-mid range, however are often contrasted or layered with equally effective high screams. The vocal production differs from newer albums such as Holy War and Dear Desolation which use a lot more heavy layering and gang vocals. I prefer Hate’s approach which is more isolated and less reliant upon heavy layering, which makes the grit (especially of his lows) more clear.”

4. The Adversary (2010)

Thy Art Is Murder - The Adversary Wall Flag · Chugcore · Online Store  Powered by Storenvy

“Thy Art is Murder is a deathcore band that didn’t impress me all that much, but The Adversary did have its moments. If you are a deathcore fan, this album isn’t too far down your alley and is worth of a quick listen. It is surely better than most of the generic deathcore these days.”

3. Human Target (2019)


“Very dark and hopeless album that felt to me like being in a city under siege with siren blaring and death waiting at every corner (especially in Death Squad Anthem). The songs were very enjoyable and the break-downs powerful. There is one or two song a bit being in composing but overall it is for me an above-average album.”

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2. Holy War (2015)

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“On Holy War, Thy Art Is Murder have crafted one of the most devastatingly intense death metal albums of the year. Aided by great production and a perfect runtime, as well as some of the best lyrics and vocal performances to date, Holy War is absolutely a step up from the already-great Hate, and clearly position Thy Art Is Murder as the band to beat. Repeated listens seem to only increase my fondness of this album, each listen revealing more depth to these tracks, new moments that get stuck in my head or pique my interest, new sentences becoming discernible and grabbing my attention. A contender for one of my favorite releases this year.”

1. Dear Desolation (2017)

Thy Art is Murder - Dear Desolation Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“Thy Art is Murder’s “Dear Desolation” is a solid addition to the discography, and for many may prove to be a favorite, with it’s different sense of intensity (and perhaps even style in general) as distinct from the releases prior. A dense and full experience, Dear Desolation is a must listen for fans of the band, the genre, and I’ll argue even those exploring this end of the musical spectrum. I for one, very much enjoyed this album, and will be listening to a spattering of it’s tracks for years to come.”