Tones and I Songs Ranked

Toni Watson, known professionally as Tones and I, is an Australian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Her breakout single, “Dance Monkey”, was released in May 2019 and reached number one in over 30 countries. In 2019, she broke the Australian record for the most weeks at number one on the ARIA Singles Chart by any artist with 16 weeks. By mid-January 2020, “Dance Monkey” had spent its 24th and final week at number one, beating Bing Crosby’s all-time Australian record for his version of “White Christmas”, which spent 22 weeks (five months, namely June to October) at the top spot in 1943. “Dance Monkey” was accredited 14× platinum by ARIA for shipments of over 980,000 units, by early 2021. Tones were the most awarded artist at the ARIA Music Awards of 2019, winning four of eight nominations. Tones and I released her debut extended play, The Kids Are Coming, on 30 August 2019, which peaked at number three in Australia, and top 10 in several countries. Here are all of the Tones and I songs ranked.

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5. Ur So F**king Cool (Ur So F**king Cool, 2020)

“Tones and I! One of the best artist I’ve ever heard. She deserves so much! Her voice has something special and you feel that she is singing with her heart”

4. Bad Child (2020)

“It has been decreed not to like this song or this artist. How can I do that though, when she is singing my life? Anyone who is tired of the burden of putting up the facade for the benefit of other people can relate to this. The vocal ain’t weird – it’s haunting.”

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The Kids Are Coming - song by Tones And I | Spotify

3. Dance Monkey (Stripped Back) (Dance Monkey (Stripped Back), 2019)

“It never ceases to amaze that there is so much talent in this world, much of which goes “undiscovered”. Fortunately, this is not the case and you can listen and enjoy this wonderful artist anywhere you choose! Recommended!”

2. Fly Away (Fly Away, 2020)

“It has many similarities to her previous singles. Just like “Dance Monkey”, Watson’s unique love-it-or-loathe-it vocal sound is combined with a generic electropop arrangement and chord progression. However, she’s arguably improving in the lyrics department, with words of individuality and escapism culminating in her wish to “Fly Away”. In order to rate this song, one has to remember that it is not some kind of artistic statement or triumph. It is a pop song designed to be played on the musical wasteland of commercial radio. In that respect, it is a decent effort.”

1. Dance Monkey (The Kids Are Coming, 2019)

“The song name is DANCE MONKEY and I’m feeling like dancing just like monkey. Great song for all people around the world. While listening this Enjoy the happy feeling.”