Twenty-One Pilots Songs Ranked

Twenty One Pilots (stylized in all lowercase or as twenty øne piløts) is an American musical duo from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2009 by lead vocalist Tyler Joseph along with Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, both of whom left in 2011. Since their departure, the line-up has consisted of Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. The duo is best known for the singles “Stressed Out”, “Ride”, and “Heathens”. The group received a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards for “Stressed Out”. The band independently released two albums, Twenty One Pilots (2009) and Regional at Best (2011), before being signed by record label Fueled by Ramen in 2012. Their label debut, Vessel, was released in 2013. The duo achieved breakthrough success with their fourth album, Blurryface (2015), which produced the successful singles “Stressed Out” and “Ride” and became the first album in history on which every track received at least a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. The release of the single “Heathens” also made the group the first alternative artist to have two concurrent top ten singles in the United States. The duo’s fifth studio album, Trench, was released on October 5, 2018. Here are all of Twenty One Pilots songs ranked.

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20. Semi-Automatic (Vessel, 2013)

“The only songs I’d heard were “stressed out”,”ride” and “heathens”, and honestly, I would listen to them over and over again and not be bored. But the other day, this song was stated as my zodiac song, and damn, it really does define a part of me. its relatable and is totally worth it.”

19. Lane Boy (Blurryface, 2015)

“To me, this song truly represents what TOP stands for. They are not your typical band. They want to tell people to wake up and be alive. And when people tell them to do something else, this is where “Lane Boy” comes in. It saying that no matter what people tell them (/They say stay in your lane, boy/), they keep on doing what they want “

18. Doubt (Blurryface, 2015)

“I don’t understand why people don’t know this song, I feel many of my peers believed it to be a generated pop song, but in my own beliefs I believe it to be a beautifully written electro song. I also hate how these ‘musers’ re-use this song but not to it’s full potential. Also how could I not talk about Christine Grimme’s chilling rendition of it, absolutely stunning!”

17. Fairly Local (Blurryface, 2015)

“Fairly Local gripped me tightly and raised me from perdition. I’m sorry, but that’s the best way I could describe my overwhelming emotions for this song.”

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16. Taxi Cab (Twenty One Pilots, 2009)

“Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Best rap verse he ever wrote, piano in this song is perfection. “We’re driving toward the morning sun where all your blood is washed away and all you did will be undone” Cry every single time.”

15. The Judge (Blurryface, 2015)

“Interpret the song however you like, religiously or not, it’s still amazingly meaningful. Whatever problems you might be having, the Judge reassures you in its own, strange, unconventional way. One of my favourite, if not the favourite, TOP song.”

14. Addict with a Pen (Twenty One Pilots, 2009)

“This song and this album in general shows the vulnerability of Tyler Joseph during this time period. He recognizes that he was guilty of weak communication with God and that he was neglecting the most important relationship in his life. He shows his struggle to get himself back on the right religious path, and himself begging God for forgiveness. The subtly and metaphors in this song make it ever more heart and gut wrenching. It has a bit of a simplicity but also a sense of complexity to it, and it really makes me think. It’s a piece of art, and it’s sometimes too relatable.”

13. Tear in My Heart (Blurryface, 2015)

“My friends had been talking about Twenty One Pilots for months and months on end. Finally, I decided to check their music out, so I wouldn’t feel left out. The first song I got on iTunes was Stressed Out (basic, but it was catchy) and the second was Tear In My Heart. It seemed so familiar, yet so new and innovative. The techno was mixed in with the rock and it was an absolutely perfect blend.”

12. Trees (Regional at Best, 2011)

“The first time I saw them live, I could not stop sobbing during this song. It wasn’t just because it was the last song of the show. It was really because the energy in the room was so beautiful during it, Tyler’s voice was surrounding me, there were all these amazing animations on the stage screen, and you could just feel the hope and genuine happiness of thousands of people together. This song holds a special place in Tyler’s heart, as it was one of the first songs to guide him towards his true purpose, and it holds a special place in mine, too.”

11. House of Gold (Vessel, 2013)

“First time I listened to it, I thought it was catchy and fun. Second time around, I thought that the mother died. When I watched the music video… I absolutely lost it. It’s such a well written song, and I will often be crying by the end of it. It’s by far my favorite and I’m actually listening to it right now! This song deserves to be higher on this list!”

10. Kitchen Sink (Regional at Best, 2011)

“What an iconic song. This, to me, is the song that defines Twenty One Pilots; unique, you kinda need to aquire a taste for it, meaningful/metaphorical, underlying message of hope, and promoting creative connection. It’s very profound if you ask me”

9. Heathens (Suicide Squad: The Album, 2016)

“Beautiful and sinister, with a well developed background melody and intriguing lyrics. I’ve never played/seen Suicide Squad, and this is still my all time favourite 21 pilots song.”

8. Ride (Blurryface, 2015)

“Has great transitions between vocals during the “I’ve been thinking too much” part, would think it was two different people if it was my first time hearing the song. From an album with 2 of my favorites, including this one and Tear in My Heart. Upbeat and meaningful song. Also recommend Heathens, Tear in My Heart, Fall Away (youtube version ft dr. blum of misterwives), The Pantaloon, March to the Sea, and Ode to sleep especially; although all of there songs are incredible.”

7. Guns for Hands (Regional at Best, 2011)

“So good. There are some darker messages behind certain lyrics, and if you recognize it, they hit deep. Very well-written, much like every TOP song lol. The rap verse especially sticks with me.”

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6. Heavydirtysoul (Blurryface, 2015)

“I’m listening to this song right now. It’s so catchy, sticks in your head, and makes me want to dance and sing along. It has a relatable message and the amount of different melodies and layers in this are so interesting. Tyler’s voice changes pitch so much, but still sounds great, and Josh’s playing is so intense. Great song.”

5. Stressed Out (Stressed Out, 2015)

“I know how they feel being stressed out because I’m stressed almost all the time and this is one of my sisters favorite songs and she used to listen to it all the time.”

4. Ode to Sleep (Regional at Best, 2011)

“I’m a pretty big fan of twenty one pilots, and their music is so amazingly strange that you can’t really pick any song out as bad. In fact, almost all of their songs are absolutely fantastic. But I don’t think any song represents the band as well as this song. The deep lyrics of Migraine and Car Radio, the intense rapping of Holding on to You, and the synth pop of Tear in My Heart make this an interesting, tempo changing journey of a song. But there is also something at the core of this song that just resonates with me. It’s a sense of hope and an urge to fight back that you don’t hear in too many of their songs. Pair this with one of the most awesome beats and bass in any of their songs and you get the best TOP song yet.”

3. Migraine (Vessel, 2013)

“This is a song that I know has helped a lot of people and reached them on a personal level. The lyrics are very intelligent, the drums are poppin, the melody is memorable and great. “Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind” some of the best advice a person could give. Exactly why I love Tyler so much.”

2. Holding on to You (Regional at Best, 2011)

“Being a Christian, this song really hits home in a beautiful way. It has helped a lot of people. One of the most iconic and representative TOP songs to date.”

1. Car Radio (Regional at Best, 2011)

“I honestly never liked this song, not even when I was a proud 21P fangirl. It’s literally just the lead singer whining about first world problems. That’s it.”