Underoath Albums Ranked

Underoath (stylized as Underøath or Underoath) is an American rock band from Tampa, Florida. Founded by Dallas Taylor and Luke Morton on November 30, 1997, in Ocala, Florida; subsequently, its additional members were from Tampa. They released Act of Depression, Cries of the Past, and The Changing of Times with the band’s original vocalist Dallas Taylor. Following his departure, Spencer Chamberlain became the lead vocalist. The band then released They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define the Great Line, gaining a certified gold rating for both. These two albums have given them a more mainstream and commercial success. On February 22, 2018, Underoath announced their eighth studio album, Erase Me, would be released on April 6, 2018; their first album in 8 years and they’re first in 10 years with founding drummer Aaron Gillespie. The first single was “On My Teeth.” Here are all of Underoath albums ranked.

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7. Survive, Kaleidoscope (2008)

“Survive, Kaleidoscope basically takes you the front row of an Underoath concert. What could be better? Oh, maybe the fact that the bands BEST songs up through Define the Great Line are done to perfection (with added harmonies and guitar parts) Or maybe the fact that Spencer Chamberlain gives his personal testimony for Jesus Christ. Whatever your motives in getting this, you’ll love it.”

6. Erase Me (2018)

“This is an extremely underrated metal/rock album. It has a good mix of electronics and drums/guitar modern with all the ear candy but it’s also real music with real instruments not some techno crap it’s the best of both worlds. Some tracks are very heavy and some are slower/quieter some are slightly popish and some fall somewhere in-between all of those. “In motion” is definitely my favorite off the album and “i hate it” “it has to start somewhere” and “bloodlust” are also very good the other songs are also really good but these 4 really stand out.”

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5.The Changing Of Times (2002)

“This is the album that introduced me comfortably into the metal genre. Although this has some very poppy elements to it, it’s still heavy on death metal influence and it was a perfect introduction into the harder genres. Eventually, I went on to found my own melodic death metal band. I have this album to thank for many of the amazing experiences that I’ve had in my life.”

4. Ø (2010)

“Disambiguation is better. It’s more forceful, more melodic, darker, more emotional, and an even deeper look into the hearts of the musicians. I love Aaron Gillespie’s music, but with his pop sensibilities gone, and the able musicianship of Chris from Norma Jean, the dark metal sound is more cohesive and more striking. And the songwriting is at its best.”

3. Define The Great Line (2006)

“This album on the other hand is a masterpiece! I could listen to this album for a lifetime and still probably never soak in all of its meaning and complexity! The vocals from both Spencer and Aaron are much improved and much more varied and emotional! James and Tim are playing guitar parts that really stand out! Chris’ keys are good and Grant’s bass is solid.”

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2. Lost In The Sound Of Separation (2008)

“Lost in the Sound of Separation is an impressive collection of music. Its rare that I like an album from start to finish but this is some of the bands best work in my opinion. As far as the subject matter of the album, it ranges from struggles with addiction and regret, to the end of the world and even their christian faith. In fact some of the most notably lyrically deep tracks on the album “Breathing in a New Mentality,” and “Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear” are presented as a conversation between the song writer and God.”

1. They’re Only Chasing Safety (2004)

“This is one of my favorite albums of underoath because its when they had to get new musicians for the band. My most favorite song on this album would be A boy brushed red living in black and white. Although spencer chamberlain was the new vocalist at the time he still needed to work on his screams in my own opinion.”