Velvet Revolver Albums Ranked

Velvet Revolver was an American hard rock supergroup consisting of Guns N’ Roses members Slash (lead guitar), Duff McKagan (bass, backing vocals), and Matt Sorum (drums, backing vocals), alongside Dave Kushner (rhythm guitar) formerly of punk band Wasted Youth and Scott Weiland formerly of Stone Temple Pilots. Weiland left the band to rejoin Stone Temple Pilots in 2008. Although Velvet Revolver worked on new material and auditioned new singers following Scott Weiland’s departure, the band has not released any new material and only performed publicly once since 2008, when they reunited with Weiland for a one-off reunion show on January 12, 2012, at a benefit concert. This proved to be their last performance together before Weiland’s death on December 3, 2015. Slash and McKagan have since rejoined Guns N’ Roses. Here are all Velvet Revolver albums ranked.

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2. Libertad (2007)

“With the veterans from guns n roses, acclaimed singer from stone temple pilots plus dave kushner adding some extra crunch on rhythm, the combination is simply unbeatable.I can’t quite see why this band just hasn’t exploded. Maybe their genre isn’t what’s popular, but people need to open their ears and hear the mastery in this album. With good hard rockers like the single She Builds Quick Machines, Just Sixteen, and American Man, it is far from lacking in excitement. Some of my favorites come in the more balladesque songs such as the cover of ELO’s Can’t Get it Out of My Head, The Last Fight and Grave Dancer. This album is a straight through all-hit, no-miss thriller. Pick it up as soon as possible.”

1. Contraband (2004)

“The music here absolutely rocks! Scott Weiland (RIP), a once troubled addict, wrote some great lyrics, and Slash’s guitar on here soars. In a way, this is basically a Guns n Roses/Stone Temple Pilots record which, in my opinion, is not a bad thing. This was our 90’s version of a ‘super group’, and this is a must have for any rock collection.”