Venom Songs Ranked

Venom is an English extreme metal band formed in Newcastle in 1978. Coming to prominence towards the end of the new wave of British heavy metal, Venom’s first two albums, Welcome to Hell (1981) and Black Metal (1982), are considered major influences on thrash metal and extreme metal in general. Venom’s second album proved influential enough that its title was used as the name of the black metal genre. Here are all of the Venom songs ranked.

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15. Poison (Welcome to Hell, 1981)

“Venom didn’t play flashy or melodic, but they had one thing VERY clear: fuel for the fire. The record just reeks of this take-no-shit attitude. The simple and brute riffing and the raw vocals of Cronos made this an instant classic back in the day and now it is legendary simplistic aggression.”

14. Nightmare (Nightmare, 1985)

“The last stand of Venom’s original lineup, and it’s classic. Yes, those are acoustic guitars in the intro to “Nightmare”, followed by imaginative riffs, and Mantas’s most melodic lead guitar to date. Venom took a chance, and this one was a real progression for the band.”

13. Don’t Burn the Witch (Black Metal, 1982)

“It’s literally impossible not to headbang to this song. Killer riff, possibly one of the best Venom have ever written. I don’t think they’re referring to any particular kind of witch as much as the generally perceived concept of a witch.”

12. Bloodlust (Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, 1985)

“Bloodlust might be my favorite Venom song, to be honest. These guys put out a mean couple singles back in the day. Nowadays this thing lives on as bonus tracks to Welcome to Hell, but it deserves better than that. Maybe Welcome to Hell should be the bonus tracks to the Bloodlust reissue. I kid. It’s a great track though, combining Motorhead-influenced speed metal with an especially nefarious riff. In Nomine Satanas is the lesser of two evils here. It’s a bit “ploddy.””

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11. Straight to Hell (Hell, 2008)

“The new guitarist is more technical than his predecessors (not hard though) as shown by the solo and the break in the middle of “Straight to Hell”, only slightly acceptable passage of this turd. Venom tries to sound more modern thrash metal”

10. Leviathan (Resurrection, 2000)

“This is a real solid album. Although it sounds different to early Venom, the vocals are still trademark Cronos. The riffs are groovy, catchy, and most of all heavy.”

9. Countess Bathory (Black Metal, 1982)

“But even without taking its historical significance into account, “Black Metal” is just a great album on its own merits. Mantas shows off his ability to write some delightfully sinister riffs on tracks like the slow, eerie “Countess Bathory”

8. Buried Alive (Black Metal, 1982)

“The standout track is Buried Alive. This song is evil, and the vocals are fittingly haunting, overall this is a slow brooding song that deserves a few listens. This album as a whole is worth your time.”

7. Witching Hour (Welcome to Hell, 1981)

“This is the most amazing and epic satanic song I have ever heard. The lyrics about Satan and sabbath are so nice to ear this is a masterpiece of Metal and music”

6. In League with Satan (Welcome to Hell, 1981)

“Humanly impossible not to headbang to this song. “In League With Satan” – More punk than thee version appearing on their first album, a tightly run stomp fest. Whacky slapback echo that should be on a rockabilly rekkerd, backwards chants to purposely point out their corrupting intent. Just catchier ‘n’ at thee same time more evil.”

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5. Angel Dust (Welcome to Hell, 1981)

“I think this album is fast, punishing, and overall just really fucking good. This album borrows a lot from hardcore punk, and considering I adore 70’s hardcore, I love the sound. “

4. Raise the Dead (Black Metal, 1982)

“This album is so goddam evil it would give a gravedigger a hard-on. Conrad’s vocals snap and snarl throughout and only fails to get full marks due to the abysmal production.”

3. At War With Satan (At War With Satan, 1984)

“Fantastic song, It’s 20 minutes but never feels like it ever drags. It’s also very atmospheric and has some amazing riffs. I highly recommend it.”

2. Welcome to Hell (Welcome to Hell, 1981)

“When I first heard this song I got scared! The screaming is so evil that it will make you shiver whenever you listen to it… All songs in this list are undoubtedly awesome but this one out-stands its counterparts.”

1. Black Metal (Black Metal, 1982)

“The song which had coined the term ‘BLACK METAL’ in late 80’s! What a composition! Amazing vocals, guitars and absolutely crazy drumming! Amazing song, truly evil, amazing drumming, evil lyrics and shredding guitars. Defiantly Cronos, Mantas and Abbadon’s greatest.”