Vicetone Songs Ranked

Vicetone is a Dutch electronic music artist and production duo formed by Ruben den Boer (born 22 January 1992) and Victor Pool (born 9 July 1992) from Groningen. The duo began as a DJ act, and in 2013, they were voted into the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list for the first time at 60th as a new entry. Later in 2014, they went up 24 places on the list, coming 36th. In 2015, they fell 14 places to 50th. In 2015, Vicetone released two singles with Kat Nestel titled “Angels” and “Nothing Stopping Me,” both on Ultra Music, released a remix for a song from the popular game League of Legends called “Project Yi” and they remixed Hardwell and Tiesto’s collaboration, “Colors”. To start off 2016, Vicetone released a new track on Spinnin’ Records called “Pitch Black”. This was followed by the release of their first EP entitled Aurora, which was released in April before the beginning of a headline tour of the same name. In June 2016, they released the song ‘Nevada’ to Monstercat in collaboration with Cozi Zuehlsdorff. In 2018, Vicetone released another single with Cozi Zuehlsdorff titled “Way Back”. In 2020, Vicetone rose to international stardom over the rise of their 2014 remix of Tony Igy’s song “Astronomia” as an internet meme, in which the remix plays over a group of Ghanaian men dancing while carrying a coffin, a common funeral tradition in Ghana and parts of Africa with the idea of sending off deceased loved ones in style, rather than in the usual manner of mourning. On 22 January 2021, Vicetone announced that their debut album titled “Legacy” would be releasing on 2 April of that same year. This announcement came alongside the release of its lead single, “No Rest”. Here are all of Vicetone’s songs ranked.

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10. What I’ve Waited For (What I’ve Waited For, 2014)

“I think this is great. House is a genre I feel has a lot of common tropes. A lot of it has very similar sound design, chord progression, and structure. The sound design is innovative to the genre, and the chord progression has a pop feeling to it”

9. Angels (Angels (Radio Edit), 2015)

“This song is perfect for supernatural music videos because it’s basically talking about most of the stuff like angels and hell. Best song ever. Makes me feel good EVERY time I listen to it!”

8. United We Dance (United We Dance, 2014)

“This is literally one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Vicetone’s done better, but damn I will admit that this melody is ear-candy!!”

Vicetone – Aurora EP (2016, 320 kbps, File) - Discogs

7. Astronomia (Astronomia, 2010)

“This is the official theme song of the year 2020. Our future generations will listen to this to take an idea of the whole situation the world faced in the year 2020.”

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6. Bright Side (Aurora, 2016)

“This is a radio hit, just as it’s supposed to be. It’s great, love it. The deep vibes in this go so well with the synth. That’s really impressive to hear so many changes in Vicetone’s style..”

5. Stars (Stars, 2007)

“Have listened over a thousand times to this track and it still gives me eargasms, best track Vicetone has ever done and in my opinion, one of the best progressive tracks ever made”

Elements - EP by Vicetone

4. Ensemble (Ensemble, 2014)

“If you gotta hear it, you gotta hear the whole song, that’s where the magic is 😉 The start from the bottom and hear all that beautiful sounds and their amazing progression style”

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3. Legacy (Vicetone Remix) (Legacy, 2021)

“I seriously can’t stop listening to this. When the part goes “When the walls around me were caving in…” it just gives me chills.”

2. Lowdown (Lowdown, 2014)

“I’m happy that Vicetone was able to move up to the big leagues and all, but I hope that they’re not being pressured by spinnin’ or anyone else to change their amazing, one-of-a-kind style.”

Vicetone - Heartbeat (The Remixes) Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

1. Tremble (Tremble, 2013)

“Not only does this song display a promising melody, to begin with, then a pretty good drop, it then switches;  now using digital overtones only acting as a background for Violins and Drums. This is a moment of sheer epicness. And when it alas fades away, you need not worry as the same tune returns as a thumping Electronica drop with even more Gusto, before finally calming down and fading away.”