W.A.S.P. Albums Ranked

W.A.S.P. is an American heavy metal band formed in 1982. They emerged from the early 1980s Los Angeles heavy metal scene. The band’s popularity peaked that decade, yet they continue to record and tour, making them one of the most enduring of the West Coast heavy metal bands. W.A.S.P. gained notoriety for their shock rock-themed image, lyrics, and live performances. They have sold over 12 million albums. W.A.S.P. was a prominent target in the mid-1980s of the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), an organization that pushed for warning labels on recorded music. The band immortalized its fight with the PMRC on the song “Harder, Faster” from their 1987 live album, Live…In the Raw. Their most well-known songs include “Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)”, “I Wanna Be Somebody”, “L.O.V.E. Machine”, “Wild Child”, “Blind in Texas”, “Forever Free”, “Mean Man”, “Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)” and “The Idol”, as well as their cover versions of Ray Charles’ “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and The Who’s “The Real Me”. The band’s most recent album, Golgotha, was released in 2015, and they have reportedly been working on new material. Here are all W.A.S.P albums ranked .

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10. K.F.D. (1997)

“Enter k.F.D., a new brand with an entirely new direction! A raw and heavy, but industrial sound (with the likes of Nine Inch Nails.) Many fans who have complained about the staleness and predictability of W.A.S.P. begged for a change; then upon the release of K.F.D. they complain that it doesn’t sound like W.A.S.P. With some people, there is no pleasing them. K.F.D. is dark, aggressive, and full of unrelenting emotion that was harbored deep inside the minds and hearts of Blackie and the boys (particularly Chris Holmes.) Here is my track by track review of one of the hardest, deepest, and most unrelenting W.A.S.P. albums yet.”

9. Dominator (2007)

“DOMINATOR has to be one of W.A.S.P best studio albums of all time! I rate it right up there with anything the band have ever done, well produced and well written and lead vocalist Blackie Lawless has never sounded better. W.A.S.P must be one of the most underrated bands in rock music history, overlooked and underrated by many because of their theatrics, yet they can rock with the best of them. Nine songs but really only eight because “Heavens Hung Black” is only a reprise (alternate interferer version) of track five. Some might feel short changed by this but for me quality is always more important than quantity! So no weak songs so no need to skip anything hear. Bottom line? If you like anything from W.A.S.P early back catalog you can buy this blindfolded. Full marks from me then!”

8. Golgotha (2015)

“I’ve been a W.A.S.P. fan for over 20 years and was admittedly cautiously optimistic after reading that Blackie Lawless had found religion. I wasn’t sure what this new release would bring. I wasn’t all that impressed with the 2 previous releases but Golgotha has blown me away. The power and inspiration that Blackie sings with is amazing. I’m not a musician so I can’t speak to the chords etc…other than to say that I feel the emotion that he sings with in every song on the album. In my opinion it’s the best album that they’ve ever released.”

7. Babylon (2009)

“Babylon is the follow up to W.A.S.P.’s 2007 release Dominator. This is a record that knows what it needs to do and does it without any hesitations. A great heavy metal record with a couple of interesting twists. Babylon is a short record at around the forty minute mark. But what you get in that forty minutes is seven great original songs and two covers, one being Deep Purple’s Burn and the other Chuck Berry’s Promised Land. These covers were recorded as bonus tracks for the previous record but were never used for some particular reason. These songs sit amongst great tracks like Live To Die Another Day, Into The Fire and Seas of Fire and never feel out of place, not for a moment.”

6. Still not black enough (1995)

“W.A.S.P.’s Still Not Black Enough i believe was going to be a Blackie Lawless solo Album but they decided to Release it as a W.A.S.P. album.I have no complaints as i never really do with any W.A.S.P. the cd roars and the title track and “Black Forever” will guarantee a kick in your ass! Blackie does a awesome rendition of “Somebody to Love” and all the songs are solid and worth playing over and over.”Rock and Roll To Death” is classic metal and “Breathe” is my one of my favorite tracks.”

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5. Inside The Electric Circus (1986)

“This is a great album. It’s not as much of a standout as W.A.S.P, Last Command, or Headless Children, but it’s a fun album that largely sticks to the formula of most early W.A.S.P albums. It’s not quite as heavy as the other albums either, but still very much metal.nside The Electric Circus: Excellent title track and first true track. It follows the formula of putting a fast “pump up” track first. It feels like it could’ve been on the debut album.”

4. The Last Command (1985)

“This is the best W.A.S.P. album.Remastered vinyl sounds nice. More han 30 years I enjoy every song on that record. “Blind in Texas” became metal-shock-rock’n’roll anthem, played on every concert. Classics for metal beginners as well as for mature metalheads.”

3. The Headless Children (1989)

“W.A.S.P. is one of my favorite rock groups. So I bought from here The Headless Children album. The album has great tracks to listen too. My favorite tracks are The Heretic, Rebel In The F.D.G., and War Cry. I felt this was the best album WASP put out. The music has great lyrics and rhythm. I just love listening to them.”

2. The Crimson Idol (1992)

“Balls-out, uncompromising metal about the ugliest side of the industry that produced it. Make no mistake: THIS is the version with nothing cut out. All the meat, all the cursing, all the hard-hitting bite of Jonathan Steel’s rise and fall and plummett is present and accounted for, told through some of the greatest music W.A.S.P. has ever made.”

1. W.A.S.P.  (1984)

“What can I add that hasn’t already been said. This is hardly a raw debut. Blackie Lawless’ vocals can skin a cactus from across the street but the music, heavy though it is, is well-structured and excellently produced for a first time effort. The infamous ‘Animal…’ is a shock-rock classic. As is ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’. My first experience of this track was on vinyl shortly after it was released (before CDs!!!)and it was the first track on the album. And it raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Still does. ‘Love Machine’ follows suit as another classic. Very catchy. ‘BAD’ is great, following the verse/chorus formula but better than most. It’s just no-nonsense good old rock and roll with a dirty heart. ‘The Flame’ is almost anthemic and could almost be covered as a folk song. ‘School Daze’ is kind of a ‘School’s Out’-lite. It’s a lot of fun. ‘Hellion’ is back to the dirty, satanic WASP. A kind-of classic; very powerful.”