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We Are Scientists is a New York City-based rock band that formed in Berkeley, California, in 2000. It consists primarily of guitarist and vocalist Keith Murray and bass guitarist Chris Cain, with drummer Keith Carne joining the band in the studio and for live performances since 2013. The band has released six studio albums, not including their early release Safety, Fun, and Learning (In That Order), which the band has gone on to describe as more of a rough draft, than a proper album. The band’s breakthrough success came with their debut studio album, With Love and Squalor, which sold 100,000 copies in the first six months. This was followed by the releases of Brain Thrust Mastery in 2008, Barbara in 2010, TV en Français in 2014, Helter Seltzer in 2016, and Megaplex in 2018. As well as music, Keith and Chris are known for their comedy, often injecting humor into their interviews, press releases, and off-the-cuff jokes at their live shows. This has been carried over as part of producing many of their own music video treatments and their 2009 series of television shorts Steve Wants His Money made for MTV, as well as a podcast series titled Dumpster Dive in 2020. Here are all of We Are Scientists songs ranked.

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10. Ghouls (Brain Thrust Mastery, 2008)

“This is seriously one of my favorite songs ever. listening to it can immediately change my entire mood. it gets stuck in my head for hours. I really have no idea why. I don’t necessarily think it’s about a love relationship as much as a relationship with a lot of different people in your life. It just like at every corner there is another person expecting a part of you, pulling at you, until you believe that they would all be better off without you”

9. Callbacks (With Love and Squalor, 2005)

“This song is really summed up by one word. ‘frustration’. The acknowledging that somebody is frustrating him and its a story again about love and the deception of it, he is too rejective to stay around and gets frustrated of his inability.”

8. The Great Escape (With Love and Squalor, 2005)

“I know EXACTLY what this song means! A guy wants to end the relationship with his girlfriend, but can’t think of the right words. He’s nervous, and when he says “I’m gonna wait right here, while everything is adding up” He’s NOT gonna tell her until he’s got the right words, or he’s had it!”

With Love And Squalor - Album by We Are Scientists | Spotify

7. Cash Cow (With Love and Squalor, 2005)

“I love the beat of this song. General fun mood. Puts a smile on my face. This song is about just taking your chances and going for whatever you want to achieve.”

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6. This Scene Is Dead (With Love and Squalor, 2005)

“I think it’s about when you go out with your friends. You’re simply looking for a good time, and as the night comes to and end you realize you’re not ready to go home. Everything is dead around you but you still feel like the night has life to it. So you search the room for someone to go home with to make the night not a total loss.”

5. Can’t Lose (With Love and Squalor, 2005)

“The lyrics may not be that impressive at first glance but then you realize that when he sings it… the story in the song completely takes you over. To do that with lyrics so brutally blunt is something special. I actually write lyrics in this style sometimes because I like the minimalist approach. Excellent song off an underappreciated album from an underrated band.”

We Are Scientists – Barbara (2010, CD) - Discogs

4. It’s A Hit (With Love and Squalor, 2005)

“Wow, what an amazing and powerful song. I guess i would say it’s about two people that were on the edge of becoming a couple and then they had a falling out and he has no idea why. But I just love the melody and beat of the song, very powerful and catchy!”

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3. Lousy Reputation (With Love and Squalor, 2005)

“I think it is about the fact that he wants to start a relationship with someone but her “lousy reputation” is making him have second thoughts. but he fights these thoughts, feels bad for thinking them and then overcomes his doubts.”

2. After Hours (Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist 2008)

“When I listened to this song I fell in love with it instantly. it’s a little different from the rest of their songs. but the lyrics are kind of similar. I think that mostly it’s talking about a relationship. Like “And if we have to go now, I guess there’s always hope, Tomorrow night will be more of the same.” could point to a one-night-stand or maybe just a relationship that seems to be near an end and you get little time to spend with the other person.”

Brain Thrust Mastery - Album by We Are Scientists | Spotify

1. Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (With Love and Squalor, 2005)

“The subject of the song is a guy who has feelings for a girl but isn’t sure how to express them. He sits by and lets her live his life, and he tries to find ways to tell her how he feels. He fears that she might find someone else while he idles. If she “moves” he might “explode.” What he really wants is her to make a move on him because she’s obviously pretty hot, and he really wants her to want him. The reason she’d pray for proof is because he hides his feelings so well, if he told her she would be surprised, and as long as nobody “moves” nobody’s heart is going to end up broken.”