ZZ Top Songs Ranked

ZZ Top is an American rock band formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. The band has, since 1970, consisted of vocalist/guitarist Billy Gibbons (the band’s leader, main lyricist and musical arranger), bassist/vocalist Dusty Hill, and drummer Frank Beard. “As genuine roots musicians, they have few peers”, according to critic Michael “Cub” Koda. “Gibbons is one of America’s finest blues guitarists working in the arena rock idiom […] while Hill and Beard provide the ultimate rhythm section support. Here are ZZ Top’s best songs ranked.

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10. Legs (Eliminator, 1983)

“The groups most commercial single and probably their best. Strong melody and good vocals. You can hear that synthesizer through out  the song. This helped increase the band’s popularity.”

9. Cheap Sunglasses (Deguello, 1979)

“The bright recording from Billy, Dusty and Frank features the hot summer roller “Cheap Sunglasses”. Wrapped in a big black frame and clocking-in at less than three-funked-up-minutes in edited form, for single status, the lil’ ol’ band from the big state of Texas kicked out the tight “Cheap Sunglasses” with a stoked vibe”

8. Heard it on the X (Fandango!, 1975)

“ZZ Top pay homage to their spacious Tex-Mex roots throughout the hyper “Heard It on the X”, which demands cranked-to-the-max-volume from the off thanks to Reverend Willie G’s blistering guitar work.”

7. I Thank You (Deguello, 1979)

“Hurt a bit by the excessive. and I mean excessive, playing, plus this pales to Sam & Dave’s classic take of this song. Still, The Bearded Ones give a good spin on a soul classic in their style of Texas tinged southern rock.”

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6. Just Got Paid (Rio Grande Mud, 1972)

“Of course, I like both of the pre-ZZ bands that this trio emerged from, and their early material under this name is also quite good, often sounding similar to their roots.”

5. Sharp Dressed Man (Eliminator, 1983)

“This is one hell of a song. With the starting riff, you are already hooked. It gives a jazzy and blues vibe like the rest of their music I recommend this song if you haven’t heard it.”

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4. Waitin’ for the Bus (Tres Hombres, 1973)

“Waitin’ for the Bus” also introduces the powerful and prodigious rhythm-section sound that carries the album from first note to last. Guitarist Billy Gibbons is great, but Dusty Hill and Frank Beard are the true MVPs of this record.”

3. Gimme All Your Lovin (Eliminator, 1983)

“This should be played a lot each summer on classic rock stations across the country of are’s. This is absolute filthy sleazy your mom tells you too turn off, and you laugh and blow farts in her face. You say this rules mom, any way play this baby all night and cow tip dude.”

2. Tush (Fandango, 1975)

“Excellent riffage and soloing, all in a little over two minutes. For those with short attention spans, there isn’t much better than “Tush”.

1. La Grange (Tres Hombres, 1973)

“Great guitar, great drums, and that weird vocal, make up “La Grange”, one of ZZ Top’s more endearing songs, coming from their breakthrough album Tres Hombres.  The single is backed with the early ZZ Top track “Just Got Paid”, probably their first classic song.”