.5: The Gray Chapter Songs Ranked

.5: The Gray Chapter is the fifth studio album by American heavy metal band Slipknot. It was released in Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands on October 17, 2014, the UK on October 20, 2014 and in North America on October 21, 2014. It was the first studio album by the band in six years and the first not to feature original founding members bassist Paul Gray and drummer Joey Jordison due to the death of Gray in 2010 (the title of the album being a reference to his surname), and Jordison leaving the band in late 2013, as well as the only Slipknot album to feature original guitarist Donnie Steele on bass, although the tracks he played on are unknown, and the first Slipknot album to have Alessandro Venturella on bass and Jay Weinberg on drums. The album includes six singles and has received commercial success and acclaiming reviews. A standard and deluxe edition of the album was released. It is also the band’s final studio album to feature their longtime percussionist Chris Fehn before his dismissal from the band due to a lawsuit in March 2019. Here are all of.5: The Gray Chapter songs ranked.

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14. Be Prepared for Hell

“Be Prepared For Hell,” dials things down a bit by being an unnervingly creepy, skin-crawling interlude. As for the album, it’s amazing. If you are a Slipknot fan it’s a great combination of self-titled, Iowa and Vol. 3 rolled into one.”

13. Lech

“The new drummer is theorized to be Jay Weinberg, and the shoe seems to fit here as well. The playing is good, but the mix is dreadful as all you can hear is the snap of the initial hit and then no warmth or reverberation of the shells. All the drums end up sort of sounding the same since all you have is that snap.”

12. XIX

“The opening track XIX is a typical throw away intro like they have on every CD. The really foreboding intro track that is “XIX” sets the stage perfectly for “Sarcastrophe,”

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11. Goodbye

“The piece offsets its brutal musical backdrop (with slamming blast beats) with unorthodoxly tuneful singing (most of the time), and epically huge, melodical choruses. And a brief but noteworthy, wah-heavy guitar solo is tacked on to the end of the mix, here, too”

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10. The One that Kills the Least

“The One That Kills The Least,” boast catchy, eardrum-snagging staccato guitar hooks and drum beats, and augments it with the usual allotment of angsty, throat-tearing screams.”

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9. Skeptic

“Skeptic,” another agitating, blood pumping angst-fest that is packed with staccato riffing, tight and precise drumming, and really memorable, chant-along, fist-pumping choruses.”

8. If Rain is What You Want

“If Rain Is What You Want” is a spooky, foreboding, dark, and creepy near ballad, although it is one that is home to a few chunky, chugging power chords, up-tempo drum fills, and a wah-heavy guitar lead.”

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7. Sarcastrophe

“Sarcastrophe,” a cut of almost pure thrash, what with its thrashy picking, and pummeling drum blasts and thrash beats. Corey’s vocals, meanwhile, usually consist of an unusually bratty screaming style, thus helping to up the intensity to a level that is all-but guaranteed to make your pulse pound.”

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6. AOV

 “AOV” is another steady, thrashy pummeling, but one that augments its furious buzzsaw riffing and hammering skins with an undeniably melodic side, including some Stone Sour-esque wailing that sound not unlike many-a-song circulating on numerous modern hard rock radio stations.”

Slipknot :Snuff Live @Heavy MTL 2012 - YouTube

5. Nomadic

“Nomadic” takes a similar path, as a steady, thrashy beating, albeit one with a short-but-sweet melodic guitar solo and huge, sing-songy choruses.”

4. Killpop

“This song is so bloody awesome! I can’t get enough of this song. The intro is really catchy as is Corey’s vocals. I have no complaints about this song. Killpop fills in for Vermillion and Snuff as the obligatory dark obsession song.”

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3. Custer

“Custer” is a really catchy and slam-danceable rant centered around an unforgettably anthemic, fist-pumpable chorus; Listener’s aggression is advised”

2. The Negative One

“The Negative One,” which is an insanely catchy cut that seemingly takes Slipknot’s combined sound from over the years and meshes it all together into one, five-minute, twenty-five-second long frame. “

Slipknot - Birmingham Arena, Live review for Louderthanwar.

1. The Devil In I

“I love how almost all the song if raw screaming and the chorus is more melodic. It mixes corey’s different voices and it’s just awesome. Probably my favorite song off the album with AOV. It became one of Slipknot classics and it’s a piece of art. The video is good too.”