90125 Songs Ranked

90125 is the eleventh studio album by the English progressive rock band Yes, released on 7 November 1983 by Atco Records. After disbanding in 1981, following the Drama (1980) tour, bassist Chris Squire and drummer Alan White formed Cinema with guitarist and singer-songwriter Trevor Rabin and original Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye, who was fired in 1971, and began recording an album. They adopted a more commercial and pop-oriented musical direction as the result of their new material, much of which derived from Rabin’s demos, with former Yes singer Trevor Horn as their producer. During the mixing stage former Yes singer Jon Anderson, who had left in 1980, accepted the invitation to return and record the lead vocals, and subsequently, Cinema became the new lineup of Yes. Here are all of 90125 songs ranked.

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9. City of Love

“City of Love” is an oddity; very heavy and dark, barely leavened by some keyboard flourishes, and featuring a huge Def Leppard-ish chorus. I will be honest; it’s my least favorite track here, and I really am not too keen on hearing Jon Anderson growling, but it’s not a *bad* track per se.”

8. Cinema

“Cinema” is an instrumental that was the name for the original band before Jon joined and made it Yes. If you don’t think Alan White is a top drummer: think again because he proves it on this one.”

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7. Hearts

“The most classic “Yes-sounding” song on 90125 is the exquisite and intricate “Hearts,” which starts off extraordinarily slowly and quietly, and builds into a beautiful melody/counterpoint that really stays with the listener. Anderson does that “angelic” thing with his voice that he does so well and so uniquely.”

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6. Our Song

“Our Song” starts with Tony’s Hammond with Alan and Chris joining in to make it a old fashioned start to a Yes song. Chris Squire is awesome on this one and solidifies his place at the top of the bass playing heap and Alan stays with him every step of the way.”

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5. Leave It

“Leave It” was another huge radio and MTV hit and the harmonizing here is as good as it gets. The fifties meet the eighties, always liked this one.”

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4. It Can Happen

“It Can Happen” features some great vocals by Jon and is just a great rock and roll song. Nothing fancy here just solid rock and roll played like no one had ever played it before. A completely original sound, with incredible musicianship.”

ON THIS DAY 1/12/1973 Yes — Cardiff Live

3. Changes

“Changes” is a song that always made me think: Damn these guys rock, who knew. Trevor sings the lead vocals and the harmonies with Jon and Chris are wonderful. Changes indeed!”

2. Hold On

“The band kicked into high rockin’ gear with the bluesy “Hold On,” complete with blaring guitars and soaring vocals. “Wait, maybe the answer is looking for you,” the band shouts, and you’ll be shouting along with them. Perhaps the best track is “It Can Happen,” which opens with an exotic sitar, an intoxicating off-beat, and some vintage Yes vocal harmonics.”

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1. Owner of a Lonely Heart

“Owner of a Lonely Heart is a great prog pop song. It seems to follow a watered down version of Asia’s Heat of the Moment in structure. Horn moved to the producer’s chair and is former Buggles partner Downes was in Asia. Is there a conspiracy there? Was Horn on the grassy knoll in Dallas?”