A perfect circle Songs Ranked

A Perfect Circle is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1999 by guitarist Billy Howerdel and Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan. A Perfect Circle has released four studio albums, the first three during the early 2000s: Mer de Noms, their debut album in 2000, and followed up by Thirteenth Step in 2003; then in 2004, Emotive—an album of radically re-worked cover songs. Shortly after Emotive‘s release, the band went on hiatus; Keenan returned to Tool and started up solo work under the band name Puscifer, while Howerdel released a solo album, Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright, under the moniker Ashes Divide. Band activity was sporadic in the following years; the band reformed in 2010, and played live shows on and off between 2010 and 2013, but fell into inactivity after the release of their greatest hits album, Three Sixty, and a live album box set, A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone and Echo in late 2013. The band reformed in 2017 to record a fourth album, Eat the Elephant, which was released on April 20, 2018. Here are all of A Perfect Circle songs ranked.

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12. Imagine (Emotive, 2004)

“Such a dark dark version of what, lyrically, is actually a dark song. Touches nerves that I’m sure John Lennon wish he did with his original masterpiece. Epic.”

11. The Package (Thirteenth Step, 2003)

“Very beautiful introduction song it’s like as you are starting the album your given a package to see the insight of the band. Love the soft build in the song to it getting loud deep and sounds like personal for Maynard”

10. Blue (Thirteenth Step, 2003)

“This song is just amazing… great guitar riff, stunning vocals, catchy melody, but still has that creepiness that all APC songs have. Such an amazing song off of such a good album Great song. Very simple and emotional while being ambiguous at the same time.”

9. Weak and Powerless (Underworld: Music From the Motion Picture, 2003)

“Such a beautiful song about the struggles of addiction. (Specifically Heroin addiction). There is just so much raw emotion put into this song and you can hear it in Maynards voice. ” Little angel go away, come again some other day, the devil has my ear today, I will not hear a word you say, he promised I will find a little solace and some peace of mind, whatever just as long as I don’t feel so desperate and ravenous, so weak and powerless over you.” Some of the most chilling lyricism I’ve ever heard.”

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8. Orestes (Mer de Noms, 2000)

“Definitely one of A Perfect Circle’s most captivating tracks, this is on par with 3 Libras in terms of emotive and evocative lyrics. That, coupled with the swirling majesty of the instrumentation, make this one hell of a journey. Seems like a Pink Floyd track that never was, really.”

7. The Noose (Thirteenth Step, 2003)

“You can exactly feel the emotion vibrating through your whole body while listening to this song… Even though not many people can relate through the true meaning of the song, the lyrics are so well written and so powerful that you can’t stay indifferent after hearing it.”

6. Pet (Thirteenth Step, 2003)

“Heard it a thousand times, but I still get the chills every time. Maynard’s dark and sarcastic anger, set to a perfect hard and soft roller coaster of music. I personally love tool more than APC, but this song is up there with any of my favorite tool songs”

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5. The Hollow (Mer de Noms, 2000)

“This song tells the truth in the world, man’s libido and quench their thirst for the big void you feel inside, and acoustic session “Hollow” adds a “exciting” and a serene relaxation.

4. Passive (Emotive, 2004)

“Outstanding lyrics that just explode with emotion. Such emotion conveyed by musical and lyrical genius Maynard James Keenan. His voice perfectly harmonizes with epic and also emotional guitar and piano playing that further sticks into you like the thorns of a rose. As it builds up in sound towards the end and Maynard’s screaming voice just gives the chills to anyone who listens to this piece.”

3. 3 Libras (Mer de Noms, 2000)

“This song gives me chills every time I hear it. I love how the guitar and the lyrics flow together so well. The ending is the best, the pain in Maynards voice is definitely palpable and its all amplified by the guitar driving in the background, slamming that pain into all of us. Great song, lyrical masterpiece.”

2. The Outsider (Thirteenth Step, 2003)

“This song is so powerful and energetic, building up until the last lines of the song with the slamming guitar chords leaves you breathless.  I listen to this song all the time, it is very personal for me and I believe, for others as well.”

1. Judith (Mer de Noms 2000)

“This among with The Outsider are the pinnacle of musical perfection for APC, it doesn’t get much better. What has always drawn me in was the raw emotion and anger from the early days of Tool. I do not care for the sappy lovely “feelings” type of sounds they put out later on, so this strikes a chord reminding me of their early angst.”