Ace of Base Songs Ranked

Ace of Base is a Swedish pop group, originally consisting of siblings Jonas Berggren, Linn Berggren, and Jenny Berggren, with Ulf Ekberg starting in 1990. Despite being largely inactive since 2012, the group has never officially disbanded. In recent years, they have released a number of demo tracks; first via their Facebook page, then in 2015 on the compilation album Hidden Gems. An expanded 2-disc edition was included in the 2020 boxset All That She Wants: The Classic Collection. Jenny Berggren continues to perform the group’s hits in solo concerts worldwide. They continued to score hit singles throughout the 1990s, with songs such as “Beautiful Life”, “Lucky Love”, “Cruel Summer” and “Life Is a Flower”. By 2002, they had sold a total of 30 million copies of their first four studio albums, making them the third most successful Swedish group of all time, after ABBA and Roxette. Here are all of Ace of Base songs ranked.

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15. World Down Under (Da Capo, 2002)

“Ace of Base delve into a groovin’ sound with reggae-kissed dance beats, powerful vocals that march up and down the scales and vastly improved song and lyric writing on this new disc.”

14. Young and Proud (Happy Nation, 1992)

“This is a great example of the sort of Swedish pop that would later foster the likes of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. Curse them if you will, but these fluffy dance tracks are the most entertaining of 1992 and 1993!”

13. Tokyo Girl (Flowers, 1998)

“This cd has very good dance songs.  Every song is worth the time to listen to. If you want some good dance music for a party, here is a cd that you can listen to.”

12. Dancer in a Daydream (Happy Nation, 1992)

“Dancer in a Daydream has some interesting sounds and a flowing beat. Lyrics aren’t bad, better than Living in Danger.”

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11. Travel to Romantis (Flowers, 1998)

“This is a good song. I had it on cd years ago and couldn’t find it. I downloaded it again because I do enjoy it. Hope you do to. You can see the music video for this song on youtube.”

10. Living in Danger (Happy Nation, 1992)

“Cod reggae’s greatest contribution writes a song about living your life, and…honestly it’s pretty straightforward.. ‘s an alright song.”

9. Wheel of Fortune (Happy Nation, 1992)

“Cod Reggae’s greatest contribution sings about game shows. while i think they missed the target a little bit the song is pretty good!”

8. Happy Nation (Happy Nation, 1992)

“Cod reggae’s greatest contribution writes a song about utopian civilizations, while i think they missed the mark atmospherically i think this song is pretty great! Although it is called “Happy Nation”, this song disseminates a certain mood of melancholy and sadness.”

7. Lucky Love (The Bridge, 1995)

“Have you seen the video….Have you listened to the single…? Sure you’ve been. Ace of Base just created a great, infectious song with this one . One of my favorites.”

6. Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry (The Bridge, 1995)

“When I listen to Ace of Base again and here Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry, I go back to those years when everything seemed cool, simple, detached, and pleasant. The scent of this music still reaches my ears. I take a breath of air and see myself 15 years ago.”

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5. Cruel Summer (Flowers, 1998)

“Obviously Ace of Base was not a very band but this was one of the catchiest hit singles of 1998. It may be on so many levels but in the grand since of stupid pop does it have to really be right. Plus my summer sucked so I know how to relate, so much anger, so many lost chances, just plain sucked.”

4. Don’t Turn Around (Happy Nation, 1992)

“This was the 3rd straight top 10 hit for Ace of Base in the U.S. before they quickly became a cultural relic. That siren synth effect still sounds cool though.”

3. The Sign (Happy Nation, 1992)

“Cod reggae’s greatest contribution writes a song about the importance of traffic safety, while i think it missed the mark lyrically this is a pretty fantastic jam!”

2. Beautiful Life (The Bridge, 1995)

“Ace of Base is that kind of music you just can’t manage the whole album, and in my opinion, it’s not meant to be that way cause this music isn’t that deep. That’s why I rate singles only”

1. All that She Wants (Happy Nation, 1992)

“Ace of Base as popular to rip as they are found a simplistic gem in “All That She Wants”. It is catchy but not just – there’s a slight bit of foreboding in the sound and the lyrics present their subject in interesting, funny ways but are still coherent. In other words, it’s a pop song with uniqueness. It really particularly needs decent headphones or bass though, else it appears tinier than it is. With, the beat and bassline thump just the right amount.”