Afrojack Songs Ranked

Nick van de Wall (born 9 September 1987), better known as Afrojack, is a Dutch DJ, record producer, and remixer from Spijkenisse. In 2007, he founded the record label Wall Recordings; his debut album Forget the World was released in 2014. Afrojack regularly features as one of the ten best artists in the Top 100 DJs published by DJ Mag. He is also the CEO of LDH Europe. Since 2007, Afrojack runs his own label, Wall Recordings, which represents producers including KIIDA, Apster, D-Wayne, D.O.D, Karim Mika, and others. The label used to operate as a sub-label to Spinnin’ Records until late January 2016. Tom & Jame’s Burn Down marked the last release of Wall Recordings as a sub-label. After going independent for a while, it became a sub-label to Armada Music in 2017, until it became independent again in 2019. Here are all of Afrojack’s songs ranked.

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20. Sovereign Light Cafe (Remix) (Strangeland, 2012)

“This is so great. The drop is great, vocals are great, it is just a great song listen to it! Easily one of the best Afrojack song”

19. Replica (25th, 2012)

“One of his earlier songs… not just the song is so perfect (at most the drop) it was a new way of style he established with this song in the scene and his own productions… this song means so much to his career, his fans and the electro scene…”

18. Bangduck (25th, 2012)

“Everything is amazing, the drop, the bridges, even the dude’s vocals. The funky side of Afrojack. I totally love the two different drops. A masterpiece of a song.”

Press Play [Explicit] by Afrojack on Amazon Music -

17. Louder Than Words (One Love, 2009)

“One word to sum this song up: brilliant. The sketch at the beginning is genius, the melodies and rhythms are irresistible. Afrojack will make you dance by his song and this is the bright example…”

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16. Lionheart (Stafford Brothers: Season 2 Soundtrack, 2011)

“Lionheart is the GREATEST Afrojack song ever. Take Over Control is nothing when it is compared to this masterpiece. So good that I am listening to it right now!”

15. Amsterdamn (DJ Top 100 2011, 2011)

“This is just one of those songs you can never get bored of hearing, whether it be on the radio or in a nightclub. It really suits their style and brings something new to the table, I love it!”

Lost & Found 2 - Single by Afrojack | Spotify

14. Illuminate (Forget the World, 2014)

“The complexity of the song along with its clear details just make this track INSANELY AWESOME…! Blows me away every single time.”

13. Turn Up the Speakers (Turn Up the Speakers, 2014)

“Another good collaboration from two good DJs. Tempo and beat mix well to firm a cool sound and a good song. This music and all the electronics brings back so many good memories.”

12. Give Me Everything (Global Warming 2012)

“Lovely! Great work by Afrojack.. Awesome song by Pitbull, Ne-yo and Afrojack Let’s be honest. Everybody wanted to go to the big party while listening this song as a kid..”

Lost & Found by Afrojack on Apple Music

11. We’ll Be Ok (Forget the World, 2014)

“Really cool, Wrabel’s voice fits really well with the progression. However, it doesn’t sound like Avicii, it sounds like Afrojack’s usual progressive style.”

10. Born to Run (Forget the World, 2014)

“This song is so electrifying! The beginning fishes you in and the second drop just knocks you out. Definitely deserves top ten!”

9. No Beef (Stafford Brothers: Season 2 Soundtrack, 2011)

“Everyone complains about the first drop, but it sets up the unique structure of the song: immediately after the drop, there are only two sound layers. Then layers are added one by one, culminating in the actual “drop” with all layers added towards the end of the song. It’s actually a really unique song structure, and an original idea.”

Afrojack – Forget The World (2014, CD) - Discogs

8. Keep Our Love Alive (Forget the World, 2014)

“If you were to look up the definition of badass in the dictionary, you would find this song. The intro, the melodies, and the drop…  This song is just too epic! It’s got a perfect balance of dubstep electro and an awesome beat.”

7. Can’t Stop Me Now (Can’t Stop Me, 2012)

“I never feel tired of listening to this song. It’s great! Way too awesome! Epic song, beat matches the beat intake over control if you ask me. It’s a really cool song and has an awesome and clean video. I LOVE IT!! they should continue producing songs. this songs just make you feel like dancing”

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6. Rock the House (Rock the House, 2012)

“This is such a great song because it’s one of those songs where you can just start throwing your head back and forth at the base drop. Greatest song ever in the world of AFROJACK, you rock”

Afrojack - Rock The House (Anyel's Remix)(FREE DOWNLOAD) by Anyel's

5. Titanium (Nothing but the Beat, 2011)

“One of his best CD’s! This CD and tracks are basically your night club dancing hype music that will get you moving and enjoying a great time with anyone. This clean version does not just blank out bad words but places an alternative version of the song.”

4. Do or Die (Afrojack Remix) (Do or Die (Afrojack Remix), 2014)

“This is one of those songs and videos that makes you just feel incredible, and I feel like if I heard this song live I would get incredibly lost in the music.”

3. Take Over Control (25th, 2012)

“My first Afrojack song (after GME, of course… This is nothing short of his anthem, from where I’m standing. The beat is too catchy to let go, and ever Simons is simply astounding… One of the best electronic music songs I ever heard.”

Afrojack Ft. Eva Simons – Take Over Control (2010, CD) - Discogs

2. Ten Feet Tall (Forget the World, 2014)

“Afrojack is cool and Wrabel is great. This is really the best and I can’t stop playing this wherever I go and I feel like I am inside a party whenever I hear this. It brings you to places because during the slow part you will feel the soul and during the upbeat, you feel like raising your hand and keep jumping 10 feet tall!”

1. The Spark (Forget the World, 2014)

“This song elevates me in a spiritual manner; helps me to get out of fear and holding back, and to demonstrate, be, fulfill my True Spirit and Being. There’s not one particular thing I love about this song, it’s just amazing.”